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Matters needing attention in enterprise backpack customization

by:Xilong      2020-03-25
Most of the main body of enterprise backpack customization is enterprise-based. Enterprise customized backpacks are generally used as employee welfare gifts or business gifts. Backpacks are different from other styles of backpack customization, if you want to customize a better backpack, you need to pay more attention to many things. Below, Xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you about the matters needing attention in the customization of enterprise backpacks. First, before customizing the backpack, it should be clear how many quantities need to be customized. As a luggage manufacturer, there is a minimum minimum quantity. If the customized quantity is three hundred, we should find a smaller factory. If the number of customizations is five hundred or even thousands, we can choose a larger luggage manufacturer. If the quantity is not determined, blindly look for the manufacturer to make the goods. The high price is one of the factors, and the other is that the goods may not be fine. Second, the second is the demand time, which is when the supply of goods will be available. Since the process of customizing backpacks is complicated, it usually takes more than 20 days from material selection and proofing to mass shipment, so we must first define our own demand time. Third, the need to clearly customize the purpose of the backpack, the general company custom gift backpack, roughly divided into three types: The first is to send employees, the second is to send customers, the third is to do promotional gifts, sales purposes. If a customized backpack is used as a promotional gift, it needs to consider the promotional role of backpack promotion and shape the company's brand. If you send employees to send customers, you need to consider the quality of the backpack, it is best to add the company's unique LOGO. Four, finally need to consider the type of backpack customization, fashion, business, leisure? Double shoulder or one shoulder? Each luggage manufacturer has its own characteristics. Only by comparing goods with goods can we strike a balance between price and quality. Backpack customization, please look for Xilong bags! Founded in 2004, Xilong bags is committed to providing high-quality and considerate luggage customization services. It has a product design team, a luggage research and development team and a sales team, can provide customers with personalized luggage design services, product proofing services and full follow-up services in an integrated manner!
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