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Matters needing attention in customizing schoolbags for educational and training institutions

by:Xilong      2020-03-13
Nowadays, in order to achieve uniformity and improve their own advertising effect, many education and training institutions will give students a unified customization of schoolbags. Daily walking on the street can also see some students carrying schoolbags with the name of education and training institutions, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the advertising effect, many things need to be paid attention to when customizing schoolbags by education and training institutions. Below, xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you about the matters needing attention in customizing schoolbags by educational and training institutions. 1. The style selection should be cautious. The school bags customized by the education and training institutions are mainly used by the students of the institutions. Therefore, when customizing the school bags, it is necessary to choose the corresponding style according to the age of the students. Take the children as an example. The style should be cute, cartoon style and bright color, the schoolbag made in this way can also be loved and recognized by children. In addition, the styles chosen by education and training institutions should be consistent with their own development concepts. The style of Schoolbags can reflect their own characteristics to a certain extent. If you think that the style of schoolbags in the market does not match, you can also find a professional manufacturer to customize the exclusive design and customize an exclusive schoolbag. 2. The logo logo should be obvious. The unified customization of the schoolbag is to expand the publicity of the organization to a large extent. Therefore, the logo logo printed on the schoolbag must be obvious, however, it can't give people a feeling of being too abrupt. The commonly used technologies for printing logo on schoolbags include silk screen printing, embroidery, laser laser, etc. , but the effect is obvious, it is recommended to use silk screen printing and embroidery. Of course, the specific choice depends on itself. 3, the quality must pass, the custom bag can print the brand LOGO or slogan, so that the bag becomes a mobile advertisement that will walk, and the advertisement will be carried wherever it is carried, with unexpected advertising effect. At the same time, the schoolbag has a long service life and can promote the brand for a long time. Unified customized schoolbags are mainly used externally, so the quality control of schoolbags should be strict. It should be known that the quality of schoolbags is directly related to the image of the customized party, if educational and training institutions want to improve people's impression of themselves, the quality of schoolbags must first pass. Personalized customization of schoolbags, look for Xilong bags, Xilong bags is a large bag, bags, advertising backpack custom factory, engaged in design, production, sales as one of the comprehensive enterprise, has a production plant of 6000 square meters, as well as more than 200 skilled lathe workers, the quality control system is perfect and the production process is checked layer by layer to ensure the high quality and fast efficiency of the products, we specialize in customizing children's schoolbags, children's backpacks, primary school schoolbags, trolley schoolbags, etc. Welcome to inquire!
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