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Matters needing attention for collective spring outing

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Firecrackers one-year-old in addition to cf song nuan into tusu. In March, the spring is bright and bright, which is a good time for outing. Together, we can go hiking in the wilderness in the suburbs, feel the breath of spring and breathe fresh air, which can give our bodies and Hearts a baptism. However, at the same time, due to the large number of collective tourists, as the organizer of the collective spring tour, in order to ensure the safety of members' journey, we must pay attention to the precautions of the spring tour, especially when the number of tourists is large. The organizers of the collective spring tour should pay attention to the temperature of the travel place and remind members to carry clothes. The temperature difference between day and night in spring is large and the temperature is unstable. At the same time, it is the time when everything recovers and it is warm and cold, and more clothes should be brought when the weather is cold. Local temperature, if it catches up with rain, the temperature may be below zero, so it is best to prepare some thick clothes, long sleeves, sweaters and other clothes, the temperature is cooler in the morning and evening, please pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes. Collective spring tours must bring items to remind, water Cup: water is the source of life, travel must carry water cup. Essential medicines: unit leaders bring their own conventional commonly used medicines, such as cold medicine, carsickness medicine or other commonly used medicines, commonly used documents: ID card, camera, film, razor, etc. , do not bring too much luggage and cash! If you want to bring all these small items and clothes, you need to choose a suitable bag. First of all, from the perspective of group activities, the style of the bag should be convenient for walking and activities, so it is not recommended to choose larger ones such as travel bags, handbags and shopping bags and those that need to occupy both hands. Therefore, like a backpack, a small shoulder bag, and a waist bag are all good choices. The main thing is to open your hands to ensure that you can move freely and will not be too affected. Of course, if it is a backpack, you must choose the adjustable function of the shoulder strap and the chest buckle seat belt, so that you can adjust the use according to the body shape of each person, and you will not be baggy and easy to slip when walking, throw unsafe. Therefore, outdoor activities organized by enterprises are also a rare opportunity to promote the image of enterprises. According to the characteristics and requirements of your own enterprise, contact the professional manufacturer of luggage customization in advance to customize a backpack for your enterprise that not only meets the requirements of employees themselves, but also adds the logo of the enterprise, make a free image promotion for the enterprise. Collective spring outing organizers should pay attention to travel safety issues, first of all, food safety, nutrition and hygiene, and choose restaurants with good sanitary conditions to eat. If you bring your own spring outing food, you should take high calorie, light weight and small volume as the selection criteria. Compressed biscuits, beef jerky is the best choice to maintain physical strength, chocolate, glucose can quickly add heat. Of course, the simplest and most affordable food is military compressed dry food and canned food. Remind members not to drink raw water to avoid diarrhea, and not to eat wild food to avoid poisoning, which is related to life. Secondly, travel safety issues, travel must pay attention to personal safety issues, including personal safety, property safety, always tighten the string of safety. Group members should take care of their carry-on luggage and valuables. Finally, Xilong Xiaobian is here to wish everyone a happy spring outing!
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