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Matt Lauer did receive \'a shopping bag filled with sex toys,\' claims therapist

by:Xilong      2019-10-04
Previous \"Today\" program cooperation
Host Meredith Vieira joked that she walked into Matt Lauer\'s office on 2016, found \"a big bag of sex toys\" in a reappeared video-now a therapist gives the goods to his peopleDr.
Laura Berman, a frequent visitor to today\'s show, reportedly gave the fallen TV reporter sex toys on Friday to help him get into trouble for 19-
Married to her wife, former model Annette Locke for a year.
She claims 59year-
When the camera does not scroll, the old one asks for advice.
\"We were in the dressing room and he kind of asked the makeup artist to leave,\" said the doctor. Berman.
\"He asked me questions about sex AIDS and sexual appliances.
He revealed to me some of the difficulties he had in his marital relationship. ”Dr.
Berman insists Raul doesn\'t want to buy sex toys in the store.
The therapist also added that she was able to talk about Raul because he was not her patient.
\"I brought him a shopping bag full of toys I designed for the couple and sprayed things,\" she claimed . \". According toDr.
On Berman\'s website, she is a sex and relationship educator and therapist, \"helping countless couples build stronger relationships and improve their sex life, increased intimacy through her television and radio shows, books, columns and websites, and her private practice in Chicago.
She has also written several books on \"sexual health and happiness.
In May 2016, Raul appeared with him at the time on The Meredith Vieira Show. co-
The hosts Savannah grisley and Vieira recalled when she \"pryed out\" in his office and found a bag of sex toys.
\"You have a big bag toy, yes, you\'re in the closet, Matt,\" Vieira told her studio audience . \".
Then Lauer tried to explain the toy clearly. “Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, \"he replied.
\"We have a guest on the show who is a sex therapist.
I think you did it.
Vieira looked confused and said she didn\'t do the part.
The sex therapist gave \"a shopping bag for each of us,\" Lauer continued.
Vieira replied that she had not received anything.
Then, a flustered Lauer said he didn\'t know how to deal with the sex toys and put them in the closet.
Raul was fired last week after being found having \"inappropriate sex\" with a female colleague.
A shocking report details multiple allegations of gross behavior by the morning show star.
In the charge: Raul once gave a sex toy to a colleague, clearly stating how he wanted to use it on her;
He exposed himself to another female colleague. worker;
He will ask the female producers about their sex life;
What cooperation will he talk about?
He wants to sleep with his master.
Variety also reports that there is a secret button under the table of Lauer that allows him to remotely lock the door of the office to provide privacy for his sexual conquest.
The New York Times later reported that Raul allegedly \"summoned\" a married man and woman
On 2001, the worker went to his office to have sex and had strong sex with her on the back of his chair until she fainted and had to be taken to the nurse.
Since then, rock has reportedly left their home in New York to fly to her home country, the Netherlands, to escape public concern about the matter.
It is reported that the marriage between Lauer and rock has been unstable since 2006.
It is reported that Roque filed a divorce application on 2006, but did not follow up.
He allegedly provided the separated wife with $5 million to maintain the marriage.
However, the celebrity magazine added that it was not a secret that Raul often cheated his wife. Dr.
Berman was shocked by the allegations.
\"I would be a little frustrated if these toys were used to harass any colleagues or any women,\" she said . \".
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