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Materials, characteristics and uses of backpack buckles

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
Fasteners are often used on bags, clothes, shoes, hats and other items, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life. The backpacks, satchels, digital camera bags and so on we usually use have buckles. Therefore, when we buy bags, it is necessary to understand the material use of backpack buckles. 1. The plug-in buckle consists of a male buckle and a female buckle. The two ends are stitched with webbing respectively. The length of the webbing is selected according to different needs. It is generally used for fixing the shoulder and waist. The female buckle can be designed according to the customer's design and authorization to design color or LOGO, you can also choose electroplating, silk screen printing, color painting. The selected material is generally POM (Polyoxymethylene), PA, PC. 2. Hook generally speaking, Hook, D Buckle, press buckle, daily buckle, square buckle and ladder buckle are collectively referred to as Hook buckle. Usually hook buckle and D Buckle are used at the same time. Japanese buckle plays a role in adjusting the length of webbing, the ladder buckle is generally used at the end of the webbing and plays a major role in fixing. The Hook buckle can be electroplated and silk-screen printed. Generally, the LOGO can be designed on the ladder buckle. Its materials are generally POM, PA and PP. 3, rope buckle rope buckle optional caliber size, single hole and double hole, suitable for all kinds of nylon rope, elastic rope. And can design LOGO according to customer's requirements. Its materials are generally PA, PP, PC, POM. 4. Sun buckle generally speaking, The Sun buckle is used on the shoulder strap of the backpack and the shoulder strap of the satchel to adjust the length of the webbing. In order to prevent skid, the cross bar in the middle of many Sun Buckles is designed with stripes, most of them are similar in shape. Its materials are generally POM, PP and NY. 5. The function of the ladder buckle is also to shrink the webbing, which is generally used at the tail of the shoulder strap to adjust the close-fitting degree of the backpack. Ladder buckle material is generally PP, POM, NY. 6. Hardware buckles are divided into hardware hooks, daily buckles, square buckles, key buckles, chains, zipper heads, etc. The material is generally POM. For the six types of buckle knowledge of luggage, the collection of Xilong luggage customization may not be very comprehensive, and you are welcome to give more comments.
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