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mass. senate voted to ban plastic shopping bags

by:Xilong      2019-10-06
More than 30 of the state\'s 351 towns have banned retailers from offering free plastic shopping bags.
Now that the Senate wants to make a decision across the state, it passed a $40 billion budget Thursday night, which includes a clause banning singles.
According to The Boston Globe, plastic bags are used with you.
These bags will be banned in 3,000 square feet or larger stores or in stores with three state locations.
Supporters say the ban will make the state greener.
Critics worry, however, that 10-
Cent proposes to charge for reusable and recycled paper bags in these stores.
They worry that this limits the choice of customers and may hurt mom. and-
Popular stores that compete with online retailers for customers.
It is estimated that about 20,000 of the state\'s approximately 60,000 stores will be affected by the ban. Gov.
Tim Buckley, senior advisor to Charlie Baker, told the Global Times that Baker \"has serious concerns about issuing such a comprehensive task in the budget process, with little debate, especially since
Grocery bills for income families and retailers across Massachusetts.
Ban on 29 votes-
As part of the budgeting process, it will now be in the Commission.
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