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Manufacturing method of mounting technology for luggage edge

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
The technology of mounting edge is an important step in the manufacturing process of luggage. This technology is mainly to glue and splice the edge of parts and parts as required. There are many ways to insert bags and suitcases. Generally, the methods used are flat insertion, stubble insertion, seam insertion, butt connection, etc. First, the flat Inlay method in the flat inlay process is generally used on the plane, usually using extremely strong adhesive neoprene adhesive to stick the inlay, so that the box is firmly bonded. Second, the method of pressing stubble is to use the edge overlapping between parts to press stubble, this process is generally used at the link of the parts of the suitcase or bag. Third, docking, docking this process is relatively simple, and the interface is relatively flat, which is to put the two sides of the components together on a plane, but the two components are not overlapping. IV. The pressing seam insertion the pressing seam insertion process is a relatively common method in the design of I-type Ang Bao, which uses the edge of components to butt joint on the same plane, then use the joint to cover the parts or decorations, when the joint is hidden and the head is firm. There are many crafts for making bags and suitcases, and the workmanship requires fine workmanship, as well as the operation requirements of the producers. So here, Xiao Bian recommends you a manufacturer with skilled personnel-- Xilong luggage customization factory has been freely established for more than ten years and has rich business experience. Perfect room facilities and professional R & D and design team.
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