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mandel: dellen millard\'s dad recluse but not \'sad person,\' girlfriend tells trial

by:Xilong      2019-09-24
With the exception of terrible blood and black skin, Wayne Millard looks like he\'s sleeping.
Darren Millard\'s father was lying on his left side in his underwear --
A dry dark red river stretches from his left eye, along his orange pillow, along the white sheets to the floor.
His right arm was bent and his hand was hidden under his left cheek.
A sleep that seems unusually calm.
Black gunshot wound residue on the pillow
There\'s a lulululemon shopping bag on the floor, a wood-handled . 32-calibre, six-
The revolver was lying carefully on it, and officials would argue that the DNA of Dellen Millard was allegedly on the handle.
His son sneaked a look at the picture of his dead father, and then went on to try to take his notes, instead of passing through a hint of emotion in those cold eyes.
But no jury can play in this judge-alone trial.
Maybe we had laser vision afterwards, but how did his father\'s death not look suspicious?
Does the airline executive shoot with his left eye, carefully place the gun on the floor, and then cram himself into the virtual fetal position?
But the coroner would think it was suicide. Case closed —
Until his playboy heir was accused of murdering stranger Tim pomma in May 2013, the authorities suspected that he had killed it before, making it look like suicide.
Now, 32-year-old Millard faces murder charges for the third time, he is still wearing a pigtail behind his right ear, he has an Aboriginal pouch around his neck, unfortunately, although he has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of Bosma and Laura Babcock for two consecutive times, it looks unscathed.
\"Not guilty,\" he pleaded guilty on the first charge.
His father died in November, resulting in murder. 29, 2012.
When the caregiver William Smith arrived at Maple gate, Crt 5. at 7 p. m.
He said that the man\'s son told him that he had been trying to contact his father for several days before finding him dead in bed.
Elder Millard felt cold and had dark skin.
\"He didn\'t get any help,\" he said . \"
The last time Janet Campbell spoke to him was about 15 hours ago.
Through adoption, this pair of brothers and sisters rekindled their friendship in 2012, and by November they were dating and he spent the night at her house.
She described elder Millard as a hermit.
\"He\'s not a social animal\"
Passionate People
\"He is a pilot and he likes it,\" she recalls with a smile . \".
He inherited Miller Dale from his father Carl and told her that he and his son were transforming the business into a repair overhaul (“MRO”)
Service for large aircraft.
They packed a lunch and he showed her around his new 55,000-square-
Walking hangar at Waterloo Regional Airport.
\"In fact, he is very proud of it.
He was also moved.
\"He said he loved me and he admired me.
He has already made plans for her birthday in December.
4: clean up his calendar, buy a card and buy a gift that he warned her that she might not like initially but would eventually like.
After her death, Darren Millard gave her father a gift of choice for her: a series of flight lessons.
\"He is much more excited about my birthday than I am,\" she recalls . \".
Despite defense lawyer Lavin Pillay\'s attempt to suggest that Wayne Millard was suffering from depression, Campbell drew a portrait depicting a man who suddenly had a lot to do: A new plan works together to explore the root causes of their families, as well as a company that has just obtained a Canadian transport license.
They will spend hours chatting on the phone until around three in the morning. m.
The day he died
When he was drinking, she did not hear him that night.
\"Is he upset or anxious?
Asked Assistant Prosecutor Jill Cameron.
\"As far as I know, no,\" Campbell replied . \".
\"He is not a sad man.
The next day, she became more and more worried when she could not reach him.
His son finally replied to her crazy email. mails.
\"He said, \'My father is dead, and he will look at it himself.
\"I was shocked.
I was totally shocked.
The trial continues.
Mmandel @ postmedia.
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