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make everyday an earth day

by:Xilong      2019-08-13
As I grew up, I remember the silky, shiny and thick plastic bags carefully stored under the mattress.
Never used it.
But from time to time, people look at them and fantasize about when they come with exciting gifts from \"abroad.
These are all given special status rather than hanging manjal pai alone because of nails on the dirty walls of the kitchen.
I hope we can go back to those days and never use plastic bags again.
If you want to know the statistics of plastic intrusion in our country, just Google it.
But it\'s enough to look around. The drain (
This is actually a stream)
Blocked by bags of green, pink and orange.
Looking up, there are similar plastic bags on the branches of the tree.
Recently, an elephant died in the mettualayam district. the autopsy showed that a plastic custom backpacks ball was found in its stomach.
Since May 1, will the plastic ban change after it takes effect in the city?
Some of the big players who decided to make a change said they might do so.
T. , general manager of classic polo, said he uses 25,000 plastic bags per month in 100 stores across the countryR. Sivaram. Not any more.
\"I have ordered the corn bags for the next six months,\" he said . \".
These are bags made of corn starch.
\"Classic Polo shoppers can now buy these plastics
Free bags, broken down into powder in 180 days or less, with amazing quality.
I met this bag in Germany two years ago.
Sadly, I can\'t find a lab where I can test it.
But one of my business partners from China introduced me to an Ahmedabad that makes these products.
I invited the supplier to attend the fair recently held in Coimbatore and he received several inquiries. A Bengaluru-
\"The race-based clothing chain has ordered a lakh bag from him,\" Sivaram said . \".
\"Classic Polo is the first Indian clothing industry to launch this biodegradable, compost, eco-friendly bag.
I feel like a big brand like us has a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint and take a step towards reducing plastics in landfill sites.
\"The same sense of responsibility for the environment has also driven P.
Siva, general manager of Coimbatore oil well-
Known Sreedevi textiles can be exchanged for paper and non-
A replacement for weaving.
Although Siwa admitted
He said that the proportion of plastic in the woven fabric is very small, \"unlike plastic bags, they allow water to penetrate at least.
We used to give free Rexine bags to customers shopping for weddings in our store.
We have reduced this completely and are usingwoven bags.
We are also investigating the corn starch bag.
The purpose is to minimize our impact on the Earth\'s ecological environment. system.
\"Sreedevi Textiles also deployed volunteers to the foot of the mountain Velliangiri to prevent plastic uphill.
They provided paper alternatives to pilgrims.
At the Brookfields Mall in Coimbatore, center director B Ashwin collected data on the use of plastic bags in stores.
\"Paper bags are only used in many leading stores.
Others use some plastic but also the jute tote bag.
Ashwin is cautiously optimistic, saying that by the end of the year, he hopes that Brookfield will be able to declare himself a plastic product --free.
\"For many stores, the decision not to use plastic must come from the company\'s headquarters.
However, we are exploring ways to eliminate plastic tableware in the food court.
We choose either biodegradable products or reusable metal products. ” R.
Raveendran, secretary of Coimbatore residents\' awareness Association (RAAC)
Recently finished shopping, my custom backpacks Expo 2017, will definitely have an impact.
\"The expo, co-hosted by Coimbatore and ambassador Swachch Bharat, received more than 3,000 visitors in two days.
Well-known stores such as Sumangali jewelers, Anandhas, lunch box catering services and many individuals have shown interest in alternatives to plastic bags.
\"Raveendran is particularly promising for the grocery store to contribute to the cause.
\"Thangathurai, president of Coimbatore grocery Merchants Association, assured us that he will raise awareness among members.
He said they will make sure that bags less than 50 microns are not used and that custom backpacks replacements are carefully considered.
\"Coimbatore also announced that the ban on plastic less than 50 microns will be strictly enforced from May 1.
However, if our citizens do not reject plastic bags from grocery stores, shopkeepers, tailors and boutiques, any legislation or goodwill will not help.
There are only three things we need to do: carry our own cloth bags (
Put them in the car and two-wheelers)
Reuse old plastic bags instead of asking the owner for new ones (
Many people try to refuse just to get customers to walk away with anger)
When providing a plastic cover, say a firm \"no \".
How difficult is this?
If you would like to know more about alternatives to plastic shopping bags, please write to raaccbe @ gmail.
Website or call 09842233446 turn brand new leafBalakrishna Alva performance tableware from Mumbai completely by betel nut leaf.
His company, Pattra, also produces disposable palm leaf tableware.
They are 100 biodegradable and compostable.
His team only uses leaves that naturally fall from the tree.
\"No trees are hurt or hacked.
His dinner had no smell, no leakproof and non-
Toxic because it can also be frozen without using chemicals or adhesivesand microwave-friendly.
These ancient shadows are a tribute to Abdul Kalam, an environmental initiative called Vanathukul Tiruppur, which has grown and nurtured 3 so far.
There are 6 old saplings in the area. The first 1.
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