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Maintenance skills of luggage with boarding Rod

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
At present, many people go on business trips, go abroad, go to school, travel, and always have to board the luggage, because the luggage case is not only convenient to pack things, but also important to pull away, bringing a lot of convenience to people. No matter what kind of luggage case, it can provide us with a lot of convenience when using it, but when the luggage case is not used, it needs to be maintained, otherwise, let the box be expensive, it is also very easy to break. So, how to maintain luggage case and what are the maintenance skills? Today, I will introduce the maintenance skills of luggage case. At present, the materials used in the trolley case on the market are mainly cloth, leather, PP, PC or ABS, etc. If properly maintained, it is certain to prolong the service life, usually there are two ways to choose the maintenance skills of luggage case. First, it is sent to a professional leather maintenance shop for maintenance. This is of course the best maintenance skill for luggage case. Professional cleaning methods will add mildew removal and sterilization drugs, and the washing effect is very good, however, the disadvantage is that the price is high, which is a bit too heavy for us. Second, clean up by yourself 1. Use neutral detergent instead of clean water or gasoline. Gasoline will volatilize the oil in the dermis, thus causing cracks in the dermis. 2, wipe the test tool, to choose a soft dry cloth or soft brush, soft cloth is used to wipe the hard box, soft brush is used to brush the cloth material box, can not use hard cloth to wipe, to avoid scratching the leather or scratch the box. 3, apply glycerin leather luggage case can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, apply glycerin can better maintain the color of the luggage case, dry storage, can prolong the service life of the luggage case. 4, the maintenance of hardware accessories, usually we only pay attention to the surface material of the box, and do not pay attention to hardware accessories, if the zipper of the box is broken, it is a headache. The hardware is mainly to prevent oxidation. You can apply a layer of white oil or salad oil. Some people use candle oil to apply, and the anti-oxidation effect is also good. The following is a boarding luggage case that we have done in Xilong. I hope everyone can like it. Welcome friends who have the need to customize the luggage in the near future to contact us at 400-0061- 690 more luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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