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m&s ‘shelves nude calendar girls’

by:Xilong      2019-08-18
After the owner banned naked M & S workers from selling in the store, the calendar of naked M & S workers would not be removed.
When the staff divested for the charity project, they showed a more comprehensive sales figure.
Now, after claiming that company executives are snubbing their efforts, they will have to sell it under the counter.
The calendar includes images of Ms. buxom hidden behind the newspaper and their assets hidden behind the cake.
Others put underwear on the branches of barnpett, Devon or covered up with oranges.
Marks & Spencer claims that the calendar was never intended to be sold in the store.
It must be carefully sold to customers who know the situation and have the courage to ask.
A staff member revealed: \"We are really not allowed to show it in the store.
To be honest, it\'s a bit of a brown paper custom backpacks job.
\"The calendar was created to raise money for the call for chemotherapy at North Devon hospital.
A spokesman for M & S said: \"M & S supports Barnstaple store\'s efforts to raise funds for the medical chemotherapy department in north Devon.
\"The staff made a limited number of calendars for sale to friends and family and never intended to be in-store.
\"The calendar is now sold out and M & S would like to congratulate the team on raising 2,500.
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