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Luggage LOGO custom identification common sense

by:Xilong      2020-04-24
LOGO customization of luggage enterprises has become the trend today. Nowadays, many enterprises attach great importance to LOGO, which symbolizes the representative of enterprises. In the design of logo logo, the essence should not only highlight the corporate image, but also highlight the strength of the enterprise. Therefore, Enterprise LOGO design becomes particularly important. So, let's talk about some common sense about luggage LOGO. Silk screen printing: The effect of silk screen printing has a lot to do with the printed materials. The effect of silk screen printing has several aspects. The printed silk screen printing cannot have glue drop phenomenon. You can try to paste it with adhesive paper. The surface gloss does not have fine holes, does not have a very rough feeling, has a certain thickness, does not see the material background color, and is not easy to stick dust. The edge of the silk screen is smooth, there is no feeling of dog teeth printing, and it will not fade. Of course, it is more important to pay attention to the material with elastic elasticity. You can pull out the material and see it clearly. The color should be accurate and not shifted. Electric embroidery: the effect of electric embroidery has a great relationship with the straight and horizontal fabric of the material. The effect of electric embroidery mainly includes these aspects. The density should be enough and the materials should not be seen in the end. The thickness should be uniform, not large or small, the edge of electric embroidery should be uniform and smooth, and the edge should not be uneven. The rubber seal should be trimmed clean. The good rubber seal will not be disconnected, decolorized, not sticky, the edge is smooth, the surface content is clear, and even the area with high temperature will not be deformed and soft. Voltage: The materials generally used for voltage are PVC and smooth soft leather. The compressed air should be full, out of gas, elastic, smooth and not burst, and clear lines. If an enterprise wants to customize its own brand LOGO, it is very important to choose a good backpack manufacturer. The Xilong luggage is one of them, which can not only reflect the strength of the enterprise, but also highlight the sincerity of the enterprise. Xilong has been established for more than 12 years, with business experience, perfect facilities and top-level professional research and development and design team. It is a trustworthy luggage manufacturer!
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