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Luggage inspection process and inspection precautions

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Enterprises customize personalized bags and bags. After shipment, they find that the bags have insufficient fabric density, the cards are reversed, and the weaving is wrong. Therefore, many enterprises will inspect the bags and bags before shipment, many of them are not professional either. Xilong luggage can explain the luggage inspection process and matters needing attention according to more than ten years of customized production experience. Luggage inspection process: Package size----> Raw materials----> Accessories selection----> Logo trademark 1. Confirm that the size of the finished package is correct. Luggage size is the most direct error, so after we get the luggage, the first thing to see is the appearance of the size of the size to meet our requirements, especially for the instrument tailored instrument tool bags. 2. Check whether the raw materials meet the company's requirements. Check the raw materials from fabric, lining and surface cloth. The fabric depends on whether it meets your requirements, the purity of the fabric, the color of the fabric and the functionality of the fabric (Waterproof, anti-wear); In addition to the required density of the lining, it should be based on whether the yarn thickness, color and color fastness meet the standards, and the PVC should not be white and soft; Mesh cloth should be from mesh shape, gram weight per meter, color. 3. Check the accessories of the luggage. Luggage accessories usually have zippers and pull tabs. The zipper should be according to the order requirements, whether the size, specification, color and color fastness of the main pull, bag pull and inner pull are correct, and the pull teeth should not be noisy and should be smooth, do not get stuck or too tight, the density and width of the zipper edge must meet the requirements of the specific order; The size and specification of the pull head, whether there is a keyhole, the nose of the pull head cannot be broken, and whether the logo, color and size of the pull tab are correct. If these accessories are all made of metal, it is also necessary to check whether their color, size, wire diameter, acid-proof treatment, anti-rust treatment of special steel nails and other functions are satisfied. 4. Check the logo trademark of the luggage. Personalized custom luggage, natural check luggage logo is the top priority. We need to check whether the name, letter, size and color of logo positions such as logo, logo of woven cloth and logo of pull head are correct, so as to ensure the correct promotion of the company's image.
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