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Luggage factory teaches you how to save luggage case when not in use?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
Luggage case is a necessary product for human hands, but it is not available at all times. Except for business trips, luggage case is idle most of the time. This thing sometimes does not move for a period of time. When it is taken out again and you want to use it, the trolley case is often covered with dust and dirt. How should the trolley case be stored when it is not in use? Luggage factory teaches you how to save luggage case when not in use? First, before putting away the luggage case, we should do some cleaning work for it. For the material of the luggage case, we can choose cleaning brushes of different materials; Second, if not, it can be directly replaced by soft and clean cotton cloth, stained with water to remove dust and dirt from the suitcase. 3. After cleaning, gently wipe the luggage case with a dry cloth and dry it to avoid leaving watermarks and stains. Fourth, then store the suitcase in a ventilated and cool place, so as to keep the luggage dry, because once the luggage case is damp, it may not only mold, but also deform. Five, if your luggage case is a soft bag, you can put a proper amount of clean paper scraps or cotton shirts in it to keep the shape of the bag. Six, it is best to place the luggage case in the cabinet, so as to avoid the deformation of the luggage caused by improper extrusion. In addition, how to check the quality of the luggage case sent by the manufacturer? First, the pull rod: the pull rod material is generally made of aluminum alloy. Because the aluminum alloy material will not rust, long-term use does not affect the appearance of the trolley case. 2. Zipper: the quality of the zipper can be judged from whether the zipper of the luggage case is smooth, whether there is missing teeth, dislocation, and whether the stitching is straight. Three, workmanship: in addition to testing the zipper workmanship, we can see if the inside of the box is done carefully.
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