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Looking for a luggage factory to process bags with OEM, these three points cannot be ignored

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Life cannot be separated from the Internet, which has penetrated into all aspects of life. Nowadays, O2O business model prevails, and many purchasing personnel are used to looking for luggage suppliers online. However, the information on the Internet is becoming more and more messy, and it is increasingly impossible to distinguish the authenticity. If you want to find a luggage factory to process bags with OEM, the following 3 points cannot be ignored! 1. Clear this'Luggage Factory' The real qualification, as the saying goes,' Where the customer is, the market is there' Now, more and more people are willing to find suppliers online, and most luggage factories and trading companies naturally pay more and more attention to online sales. It is worth noting that there is too much false information on the Internet, many trading companies will boast on the internet how strong the luggage factory, if it is not clear about the true qualifications of the other company, then it will inevitably lead to bad luck! 2, to know whether this luggage factory is professional, whether this luggage factory is professional, in addition to the quality of the luggage, and even affect the smooth completion of large goods. Professional luggage factories will have more formal procedures and are more realistic, and all details will be done better. As for how to judge whether the other party is professional, the simplest way is to ask more questions and then judge by the answers of business personnel. 3. Be careful of those luggage factories with very low prices. The luggage factories where customers have the final say are very dangerous. A good factory needs to make money to maintain its factory expenses, in terms of price, it will not easily fall below the bottom line, and no one will do business at a loss. On the other hand, if you pay for your goods, if you want to have low cost and good quality, you must bear the risk of poor quality of large goods. Xilong luggage focuses on luggage customization for 12 years and is a luggage manufacturer worth trusting! Founded in 2004, Xilong bags and suitcases is located in Huadu, Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive bag and suitcase factory integrating development, production and sales. Relying on the advantages of high quality and low price, serve every partner with all your heart and soul!
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