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Looking for a luggage factory online, 90% of the purchasing staff are concerned about these issues

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
Entering the 21st century, mankind has officially entered the Internet age. Today, when the upsurge of O2O is sweeping across various industries, major luggage factories have begun to transform and embark on the business model of Internet O2O, displaying their own products and services through various e-commerce platforms, let more customers find themselves, thus expanding the brand's popularity and influence. People are increasingly dependent on the internet. No matter what problems they encounter, they will think of finding the information they want through the Internet in the first place. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to find luggage factories on the Internet. However, with the influx of large and small luggage factories into the Internet and the release of a large amount of information on the Internet, the information on the Internet is surplus and all kinds of promotion information are somewhat chaotic. Purchasing personnel through the Internet to find the luggage factory, without understanding the strength and qualifications of the manufacturer, can not easily choose! Looking for a luggage factory on the Internet, 90% of the purchasing staff will first understand whether the other party is a real factory, and then they will let the other party quote through some pictures of the sample bags. The regular and high-quality luggage factory will listen carefully to the basic needs of the purchasing personnel, and then give a preliminary quotation according to the customer's sample package and needs. However, the initial quotation is usually not very accurate and can only be used as a reference. Professional purchasing personnel need to learn to judge whether the manufacturer is reliable in the communication process and then decide whether to further understand, avoid wasting both parties' time. Now is the era of Internet information explosion, procurement personnel can choose more channels, as long as a search on the Internet'Luggage Factory', You can search out a bunch of luggage factories. However, it is a technical activity to find a luggage factory online and want to judge the qualification and strength of the manufacturer. Looking for a luggage factory can not just look at the quotation, some small workshops in order to meet the requirements of customers, the quotation is often relatively low, but the quality can not be guaranteed. Xilong luggage has started the network marketing mode since 2004, which can be said to be the first batch of traditional luggage manufacturers to contact the Internet. Xilong luggage is committed to providing valuable luggage customization services and creating a one-stop Internet platform for luggage customization. If there is a need for personalized luggage customization, please feel free to contact us!
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