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london underground bomb hidden in bucket, witnesses say: \'this wall of fire was just coming towards us\'

by:Xilong      2019-09-08
Homemade bombs placed in a hurry
On Friday, an hour subway in London injured 29 people, triggering a massive search for the perpetrators, which police said was the fourth terrorist attack in the British capital this year.
British Prime Minister Theresa May said the device was \"intended to cause significant harm,\" but to give the authorities and Londoners a sigh of relief, the bomb --
Hidden in plastic buckets in supermarket freezer bags
Only a partial explosion has taken place, adding to the massacre in the city.
\"I would say this is a high failure.
\"Explosive devices,\" former British Army bomb expert Chris Hunter said of the explosion, which did not cause serious harm.
The bomb exploded around 8: 20. m.
When the train carries commuters from the suburbs
Including many children who go to school
At Parsons Green station southwest of the city.
Witness Chris Wildish told Sky News that he saw \"a huge flame flashed from the side of the train from the corner of my eye, followed by a pungent chemical smell.
Commuter Lauren Hubbard said she was on the train when she heard a loud noise.
\"I look around and this wall of fire is coming towards us,\" Hubbard said . \".
She said her instinct was \"just to run away\" and she escaped from the above --
She\'s with her boyfriend.
As hundreds of people poured out of the train, chaos followed, with some of them burned and the train accommodating up to 800 people.
\"I was crushed on the stairs.
People fell down, people fainted and cried.
\"There are kids holding my back tight,\" said Ryan Barnett, another commuter . \".
Passenger Luke Walmsley said, \"Like everyone, you can go downstairs on your own.
\"People are just pushing,\" he added . \".
\"There are nannies or moms who ask where their children are.
Police and health officials say 29 people have been treated in London\'s Hospital, most of them for Burns.
No one was seriously injured and no one was injured.
Emergency services said it was a threat.
Along an area line underground, the train was suspended when the police set 50-meter (150-foot)
When they protect the device and search for people who have implanted it, the cordon around the site.
Metropolitan Police said hundreds of detectives and agents from the internal intelligence agency MI5 were checking surveillance footage, conducting forensic work and talking to witnesses.
In the question they are eager to answer: What is this device made of, is it going to go out when it is in the leaves? A city-rich area away from London\'s top tourist attractions?
According to British media, the bomb includes a timer.
Lewis Herrington, a terrorism expert at Loughborough University, said it would make it different from a suicide attack on the London Metro or Manchester Arena in 2005, where the attackers \"all wanted to die.
Photos taken inside the train show that there is a white plastic bucket in a tin sheet --
Lined with shopping bags, there seems to be flames and wires on them.
Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism analyst at the Swedish Defense University, said that from the photos, the bomb did not seem to detonate completely because most of the devices and shells were intact.
\"They are really lucky and it could get worse,\" he said . \".
Explosives expert Hunter said it seems \"there was an explosion, a little flash of light, which means that it is possible that some of the explosives were detonated and the detonators were detonated, but most of the explosives were actually inert.
\"A few minutes after the explosion, police and ambulances arrived at the scene, proving their experience in dealing with violent attacks in London.
The city has been a target for decades: bombers from the Irish Republican Army
Wing Extremists and recent al-
Al-Qaida or Islamic State
In the most recent Inspire magazine, al-
Al-Qaida has urged supporters to target trains.
Four more terrorist attacks have taken place in Britain this year, killing 36 people.
Other attacks in London
Parliament, London Bridge and mosque near Finsbury Park in north London-
Used cars and knives.
Similar methods have also been used in attacks across Europe, including Nice, Sweden, Berlin and Barcelona.
By contrast, the attack on Friday involved \"detonation of improvised explosive devices,\" said Mark Rowley, head of counter-terrorism at Metropolitan Police.
After presiding over the meeting of the government\'s COBRA emergency committee, the Prime Minister said that the extent of the British official threat to terrorism is still \"serious\", which means that attacks are likely to occur, no criticism was mentioned.
The threat level in the country once rose to critical levels, which means that the attack may be imminent after 22 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena in May 22.
British authorities say they have foiled 19 plots since 2013, six of them after the collision of trucks and knives at Westminster Bridge and Parliament, which caused
Police and MI5 said they were conducting about 500 counter-terrorism investigations at any time, involving 3,000 people.
The Mayor of London, Sadik Khan, said the terrorist threat had \"transformed\" and that the attackers used various methods to try to cause the massacre.
Khan, who belongs to the opposition Labor Party, said London police need more resources to deal with the threat.
The Conservative government has cut police budgets since 2010.
The London Metro, which handles 5 million trips a day, has been targeted many times in the past.
On July 2005, suicide bombers detonated their own bombs on three subways and one bus, killing 52 people.
Two weeks later, four more bombers tried a similar attack, but their equipment did not explode completely.
Last year, Damon Smith, a student interested in weapons and Islamic extremism, left a wholesale backpacks full of explosives and ball bearings on the London subway.
It did not explode. U. S.
President Donald Trump tweeted in the attack on Friday that the attack was carried out by \"a loser terrorist,\" adding that, \"These people are sick and crazy people at the sights of Scotland Yard.
The British Prime Minister gently accused the president of his comments on Twitter.
\"I never thought it would be helpful for anyone to guess about the ongoing investigation,\" May said . \".
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