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local distributor pushes straws made from rice, tapioca as plastic alternative

by:Xilong      2019-08-27
The straw was developed in South Korea and is made with only two ingredients.
They degrade in about 100 days.
As the city of Vancouver considers postponing the ban on singles,
A local company believes straws made of rice and cassava help reduce the use of plastics.
Rice Straw was first developed by Yeonjigonji, South Korea
After a year and a half of research and development and testing, they went public in last August.
They are used in domestic cafes, department stores and hotels.
In January, four farmers began using rice straw technology to distribute straw in North and South America.
\"We know we have a problem with plastic, and we know if it\'s always going to be a straw (Sharon)Dinh.
\"But by changing to do a good thing for our environment, we can raise awareness and push people to take other environmental actions.
\"Vancouver plans to ban the use of plastic straws, plastic and paper shopping bags, disposable cups, takeout food containers and plastic appliances in June 1.
However, it is expected that the staff will request on Wednesday to extend the validity period of foam cups and take-out containers to January 2020, and the validity period of plastic straws to April 2020.
This will enable small businesses to propose alternatives.
The staff also suggested that the city require a more comprehensive single for the provinceuse, item-
Reduce strategy and set a single standarduse items.
The city found that compost plastic does not break down easily when placed on the ground or in water, and is difficult to handle. Din (Sharon)
Rice Straw technology.
Nick procaylo/PNGDinh says Straw made of equal rice is not a problem
Otherwise, most of them will be wasted. and tapioca.
No additives, no taste.
Dinh says they break down in about 100 days and can even be cooked to eat.
In a cold liquid, the straw is kept in shape for three to four hours.
In hot liquids, they can last for one to two hours.
This is an improvement to the paper straw, which can quickly get wet.
It also negates the need to travel with your own reusable straw.
\"There are a lot of alternatives on the market, but we found that straw is 100 of what we have --per-
Because it\'s completely natural, \"said Dinh.
The company sells basic and wide straws-
Type for tea-
And a mixing stick.
Rice bags, single
Tableware and \"slush straws\" are being used \".
About 5 cents per straw
It will vary depending on volume and other factors
In contrast, a penny of plastic.
\"We are very competitive compared to other ecosystems
\"It\'s a friendly choice now,\" she said . \".
The technology of rice straw was established in January.
Dinh said the company has signed some contracts with the local area, and the first container with 4 million straws was sold out.
Chris Woodburn, director of catering at Vernon Predator Ridge resort, said the resort\'s restaurant started using straws about three weeks ago.
Normally, a straw will not be provided unless requested by the customer and the customer will receive the straw.
Woodburn said he was skeptical at first, but the product did the same thing as advertised.
The resort uses straws and Woodburn says they start to crash in a few days.
\"Their products are really spectacular,\" Woodburn said . \".
According to spokesman Yasumi Yajima, Guu Davie, the latest restaurant in the local Guu chain of Japanese restaurants, also tested straws.
Although the restaurant usually does not provide straws, it provides straws when asked in a timely manner.
Yajima said the manager reported that the straw was better supported than the paper and there was no negative feedback from the customer.
B provincial president Peter de BruenC.
The restaurant and food service Association says the industry is actively working with local governments,
Bans and bylaws on the use of articles.
He said Straw.
Other alternatives to plastic
Worth investigating.
\"The timing is very good,\" he said . \"
When considering the ban on plastic straw, Vancouver followed other major cities such as Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Seattle ban-
Last summer, plastic straws and cutlery were used in the catering service and the restaurant was asked to use compost tableware, straws and cocktail cups.
The city also encouraged the non-provision of straws and the use of paper straws on compostable plastics.
A law in the city of Los Angeles came into effect on Monday, banning restaurants from providing or providing disposable plastic straws, but customers can ask for them.
The San Francisco ban is expected to take effect in July.
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