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les leyne: real estate’s big reveal today with release of report on money laundering

by:Xilong      2019-08-10
B. Money laundering is rampant. C. casinos.
It seems to be increasing dramatically in the luxury market. car market.
The next disclosure is scheduled for today. of-
The true face of criminal expert Peter Derman
The real estate industry is about to release.
According to previous reports from Germany, there is no reason to suspect that this will be less disturbing.
The only clean-up department so far is horse racing because it has shrunk a lot and not much has happened.
Suggestions from the findings may follow the same subject --
The clean-up of these departments requires new primary regulatory powers and reporting requirements.
Although the casino report was released long after the biggest wave of dirty money subsided, it still urged a series of new controls and regulatory procedures.
In this week\'s survey of luxury goods, the same advice is --car market.
The reason the racket works so well is so lax in control and regulation.
Anyone can tell us in a second that there is a young man with limited English in the showroom, no B. C.
ID and shopping custom backpacks full of cash or offshore remittance run in gray areaverging-on-black market.
This is one of the small episodes that the Germans told after talking to dealers.
However, there are few restrictions on reaching an agreement for individuals.
Germany reported this week that the ability of organized crime figures to launder money through luxury goods is \"unimpeded\"car purchases.
Instead of reducing the racket, the authorities bent back to support the racket.
They are obliged to provide tax rebates to straw buyers who purchase vehicles and then export them overseas.
Amazing amount of tax refund provided to suspicious individuals
There have been $85 million in the past few years.
There was a lot of attention when the report was released.
This is the process of narrowing the gap between authorities and organized crime --
Usually a few steps ahead
This requires constant attention.
The Germans said that, in fact, traders deposited cash from these suspicious purchases into the bank without asking any questions, which failed to provide any visibility into the transaction, particularly the source of funds.
As suspicious buyers turned to international credit cards, the Germans said there was no indication of the source of funds there.
A drug dealer told him: \"This is a clear act of money laundering.
People who do not work do not pay taxes, showing that large sums of money are often remitted to their accounts on bank statements . . . . . . But you can buy expensive cars with money from abroad.
The German report said: \"The car dealer did not submit the financial report to FINTRAC [
Federal tracking system
Leaving the industry largely unregulated by finance
Crime perspective.
Germany also said auto auction companies were not the reporting arm of FINTRAC.
The provincial authorities track vehicle transactions, but the focus of the process is on protecting consumers rather than money laundering.
\"Canada will benefit from cash sales that exceed the threshold for global cash reporting,\" he concluded . \".
But casinos often report large amounts of cash transactions and do not achieve anything, so it is difficult to see what this massive new bureaucratic effort will achieve.
A dealer told him that \"this will be resolved from 10 years ago\" but did not resolve the foreign issuecredit-card use.
Germany\'s disclosure of luxury money laundering
The auto industry has sparked a wild race for the government.
It has been transferred to ICBC, the competent department of vehicle sales and the police.
The Treasury is reviewing the PST refund.
New regulations and legislation are being developed.
If the German batting record remains the same, it may turn pale compared to what is needed for real estate.
The size of the industry is much larger, the value of the dollar is huge, and the officialdom is far behind.
Just a few years ago, B. C.
There is not even any mechanism to identify foreign buyers of real estate.
After a lot of hesitation, the last government introduced one.
Speculative taxes have improved this, but more oversight of the market is needed to curb money laundering.
Even so, convictions for money laundering are almost unheard.
Because it\'s too complicated.
This may last for some time.
Time colonists.
As we have known for quite some time, the success of Xilong in the future will depend greatly on our ability to strike a balance between valuable human insight and interaction with technology.
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