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Leather Logo

by:Xilong      2020-03-10
The registered trademark of the leather logo is an artistic deformation pattern composed of a whole sheep, a pair of ox horns and a leather shape. The overall pattern is round and drum-shaped, with GLP three letters in the center of the pattern, which is the English abbreviation of genuine leather products. The main color of the pattern is white and black, and only three letters are red. The meaning of the pattern: cattle, sheep and pig are the three main natural leather raw materials of leather products. The pattern is round drum-shaped, which on the one hand symbolizes the main processing equipment drum of the leather industry, on the other hand, it symbolizes the rolling forward development of leather industry. Leather logo is a Certified trademark registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. All leather products wearing leather logo have three characteristics: 1. The product is made of high-quality leather; 2. This product is a medium and high-grade product with excellent workmanship; 3. Consumers can enjoy good after-sales service when buying leather products with leather logo. Products that are not made of genuine leather cannot wear the leather logo. If you want to wear the leather logo, you must go through the strict examination and approval of the China Leather Association before you can wear it. China Leather Association conducts quality inspection every year to ensure product quality. At present, more than 200 leather clothing, leather shoes and leather bag enterprises have worn leather logos. Please pay attention to them when buying. In order to open up the international market, the leather logo has been registered in 14 countries in 1998.
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