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leaf rapids bans plastic carry bags from its stores

by:Xilong      2019-09-25
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The town of less than 600 people in northern Manitoba led the way in three cities in last May.
US tax on singles
Use plastic bags but decide to take a step further.
\"We are doing this to prove, yes, that we are friendly to the environment,\" said Bond Ryan, chief executive of the city of Leaf Rapids.
Residents are given free reusable bags, and those who forget bags at home can buy one from the store for $1 to $2 per bag.
If the retailer issues a bill, it will be fined $1,000.
Use plastic bags.
Ryan said the ban was encouraged when last year\'s taxes attracted the attention of a company that sold
Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic popular in Australia and Ireland.
Since then, Instore products has donated 5,000 bags to Leaf Rapids, which Bond says should be enough for the town.
Ryan initially said he was looking for another bag online
He can copy the Canadian ban charter.
But he can\'t find it.
He eventually revised a similar charter adopted in Dublin, Ireland, \"but to meet our needs,\" he said.
Environmental groups have long criticized singles.
Use plastic bags as resources
Intensive production, dangerous to wildlife, non-biodegradable
It is reported that these bags will take 1,000 years to break down.
Ryan said that the main problem with the Leaf Rapids is that the bags are stuck with trees, or they are blocking the landfill in the town.
\"Even in the city of Ye Rapids, we put 50,000 of the bags in the landfill every year,\" he said . \".
The community\'s response was basically positive, Ryan said, although some residents were worried it would hurt business.
Ye Tan of the cashier
Cloth bags are popular, Op says, but some shoppers still forget them at home.
Some staff are also concerned that the law may delay visitors to the town.
Ryan said he did not think the ban would harm business and he hoped the community would \"challenge other communities\", including big cities.
\"Some people don\'t think big places can do it,\" Ryan said . \".
\"I think they can. \" lindsey. Weibo @ freepress. mb.
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