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Kindergarten customized schoolbags, these 'hidden rules' you must know

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
The early childhood education industry is developing rapidly, and branded high-end kindergartens in big cities are blooming everywhere to form strong competition. In order to enhance the brand image and expand the brand influence, more and more kindergartens are looking for manufacturers to customize bags that print brand LOGO or slogans. If you are planning to customize kindergarten schoolbags, then these'Hidden rules'You must know! The quality of schoolbags is related to the health of children. It is a top priority that kindergartens should pay attention to when customizing schoolbags. Generally speaking, high-quality schoolbags should not only be made of soft, comfortable and light fabrics, but also be designed to carry schoolbags. The straps of the schoolbag should be wide and thick, and the back width should be padded to reduce the burden on children as much as possible. Since the weight of kindergarten schoolbags cannot be too heavy, attention must be paid to the size and capacity of schoolbags. The size of the school bag in the kindergarten should not be too large. If the size is too large, it will make it difficult for the children to carry it. It is best to customize the smallest school bag that can hold the book and stationery. At the same time, the design of the schoolbag should be balanced, scientific and convenient, and the workmanship should be neat, even and meticulous, so that the children can carry more easily and comfortably! Some time ago, Japanese schoolbags were very popular, and many parents made a special trip to Japan to buy schoolbags worth several thousand yuan. In fact, Japanese schoolbags are not so magical and are not practical at all in China. Most parts of the country are not as frequent as earthquakes in Japan, and there is no possibility of falling into the water in big cities. The so-called'First aid artifact'Has become a burden. The net weight of Japanese schoolbags is about 3 catties, plus a few schoolbags and pencil cases weighing 6 to 7 catties, which is a lot of weight for children. Although trolley schoolbags are more popular recently, it is better to choose shoulder schoolbags for kindergarten custom schoolbags. The trolley bag is not very convenient to use in school, and it is more difficult to go up and down the building than ordinary bags. Moreover, the weight of the trolley bag is heavier than that of the ordinary bag, plus the weight of books and sundries, it must be a burden for children to move up and down the stairs. In general, the trolley bag is not very practical. Kindergarten custom bag looking for Xilong bags, we were founded in 2004, 12 years has been focused on custom bags, for many noble schools and kindergartens customized bags, with rich experience in custom bags, as well as senior luggage design team, can customize healthy schoolbags for customers!
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