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Key points of customization of photography bag

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
For photographers, cameras are like their second life, so how to protect the Second Life is particularly important. The customization points of camera bags are shared with you here. 1. Camera bag is not allowed'Appearance association'. Customized camera bags must not be based on appearance, but must pay attention to inner beauty. The first step in customizing the camera bag is the size. For this information, we can learn from the leaflets of various camera bag manufacturers that professional luggage manufacturers will also provide you with reference materials. For a three-mirror camera and a flashing light, a one-foot camera bag is very enough. It can hold batteries and chargers, waterproof plastic bags and even a raincoat or rags. 2. Photographic bag external materials. Choose the materials customized for the camera bag. The first thing to look at is the external materials. The most important function of the external materials is waterproof and wear-resistant. Generally, nylon, EVA, canvas, etc. are commonly used. These materials are also divided into many kinds, all sorts of different. EVA this kind of hard fabric itself does not absorb water, very difficult to pierce. However, nylon and canvas will add some waterproof protection materials to the surface, or add waterproof layer to the middle of two pieces of fabric. 3. Inside the camera bag. The camera bag is exquisite-Tart', External to do'Indestructible'The limit, internal to do'Tender feelings like water'The care. The interior of the camera bag can be made of soft materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton and fluff, which can effectively separate the front contact with the outer fabric and elastically protect the storage safety of the internal camera. 4. Camera bag accessories. Photography bag processing customization, choose zipper is another condition to consider. Strengthen the protection performance of the camera bag, whether the top cover of the camera bag has a waterproof edge, and whether there is a good zipper buckle on the bag surface to prevent the camera from throwing out when the camera bag is reversed. In order to consider the long-distance travel of photography, it is better to lock the zipper in a place, which can not only prevent being stolen, but also be strong. At the same time, the outer bag should also have good waterproof equipment and a good camera bag, even if it is thrown into the water for a while, it will not hurt the camera in the machine bag. There is no doubt that customizing the camera package is to ensure the safety of the camera. For our company to give it away, it is also a prestige impact on our own brand. When we want to customize the camera bag, we can provide the above customized requirements to communicate with the camera bag manufacturer, or directly contact the Xilong luggage manufacturer, xilong luggage will directly provide you with a complete customized plan for camera bags.
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