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keep your seafood safe

by:Xilong      2019-08-20
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Whether it\'s grilled salmon or baconit-
You eat shrimp yourself, or have festive clams, fish and shellfish that are usually the stars of a summer meal.
But how do you ensure that the seafood you provide is safe and minimize the likelihood of food poisoning?
Fish and shellfish are common causes of food poisoning.
In fact, they are responsible for 28% of the US epidemic report. S.
According to the latest data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015.
Taking the right storage, cooking and service steps can significantly reduce your risk of food poisoning.
Here are the experts who recommend you to ensure safe seafood.
Like many foods, seafood may carry pathogens that can make you sick, including bacteria such as campylobis and campylobis, and occasionally viruses.
\"In my opinion, seafood is unique, because some seafood, such as oysters, is raw, other seafood is not as hot as you cook steak, and the time is not so long, for example, \"said James E. Rogers, Ph. D.
Director of food safety research and testing, Consumer Reports.
Because cooking can kill bacteria, this is most common when fish and shellfish are raw or uncooked, or in danger --
Regional temperature (
Between 135 F and 41 F)
Make these potentially harmful substances grow.
For example, this can also occur when bacteria or viruses are transferred from seafood to people by improper cleaning of cutting boards, plates and knives. (
Some pathogens, such as Liszt, can live in properly stored refrigerated items such as smoked fish or seafood salads, so pay attention to the recall.
Salmonella and norlike viruses may thrive in cooked food contaminated by people with these diseases, so keep any sick person away from food preparation. )
For most people, a food-induced illness is offensive, but short-term, can lead to symptoms ranging from mild stomach discomfort to cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.
\"If you have a healthy immune system, you may feel uncomfortable 24 hours a day,\" Dr. Lauri Wright said . \"D. , R. D. N.
He is an assistant professor of nutrition and nutrition at the University of North Florida and a spokeswoman for the School of Nutrition and nutrition.
\"But for young children, the elderly, and people whose immune system is compromised by health problems such as diabetes or liver disease, this can lead to hospital treatment and even death in rare cases.
\"8 Ways to intelligently prevent food poisoning.
Keep fish and shellfish for safe seafood (
Eggs, meat and poultry)
Separate from other foods in shopping carts and shopping bags.
Finally pick up the seafood and store it in a clean fridge if you can\'t put it in the fridge at home within 2 hours --
If the outdoor temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it is 1 hour. (
Find tips on how to choose seafood that is unlikely to be contaminated with contaminants such as mercury. )Safe storage.
Once you get home, USDA recommends keeping raw seafood --
Pack or pack in a sealed container in your refrigerator to make sure the water drops don\'t pollute other foods. (
Do the same for meat and poultry. )
It is best to store raw seafood in the main area of the refrigerator.
The door is not suitable for perishable foods, and the temperature in the bin is more likely to fluctuate compared to the main compartment of the refrigerator.
Use or Freeze.
Freeze any raw seafood you won\'t use in a day or two.
Thin fish will be kept in the refrigerator for six to eight months, and fat fish such as salmon will be kept for two to three months.
To thaw, place the frozen fish in the custom backpacks, or wrap it on a plate in the refrigerator. In a hurry?
For safe seafood, use a sealed plastic custom backpacks to unfreeze frozen fish and shellfish under cold tap water and then Cook immediately afterP. H.
He is a registered dietitian and assistant to food safety and nutrition promotion at Raleigh North Carolina State University. Prep properly.
\"Before you start, make sure your work area is clean and use separate cutting boards and utensils for seafood, and then wash them with hot soapy water,\" Rogers said.
After that, use hot water, soapy water and paper towels to clean up the area, especially if there is an overflow. \"Cook it right.
As mentioned earlier, the internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe for seafood and should greatly reduce the chances of food poisoning, Rogers said.
Instant Check-
The most accurate way is to read a food thermometer, preferably a digital one.
For thicker fish like salmon steak, Levin says, you can slide the thermometer into one side of the fish fillet.
But because it is almost impossible to use a thermometer on shellfish or delicate soles, the USDA notes that cooking fish is also considered safe until the meat is opaque, it is easy to separate or peel off with a fork.
Cook crab, lobster and shrimp until the meat is opaque and Pearl;
Clams, mussels and oysters until their shells open;
And scallops until they are milky white or hard and opaque. Be temperature-
Be wise when serving.
Cooked seafood should be kept above 135 degrees Fahrenheit or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
If in between, even if the fish looks and smells good, the bacteria breed to unsafe levels.
\"Put cold, cooked fish and seafood dishes such as cold shrimp or seafood salad in a bowl of ice to keep them cool,\" Wright suggested . \".
She said that hot seafood should be refrigerated within an hour or two of serving.
Reconsider the raw fish.
In addition to sushi, this includes pickled fish with sour orange juice, seafood marinated with lemon or lime juice, which is long enough and sour to whiten the meat.
\"It looks familiar, but it doesn\'t actually,\" Wright said . \".
Throw it out when in doubt.
\"If you don\'t know --Or can\'t trust
\"How your seafood is stored, prepared, or maintained after cooking, it is best to dispose of it instead of taking the risk of food poisoning,\" Rogers said . \".
\"Seafood can be expensive, but it\'s also possible to get sick.
\"After two days in the fridge, throw away the remaining cooked seafood.
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