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It's almost New Year's Day. What gifts should I send to my old customers?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Gift-giving is a kind of etiquette in China. Giving gifts to customers is one of the etiquette for business exchanges, especially for old customers. It's almost New Year's Day now. What gifts should I send to my old customers? Xilong bags combined with the types of bags, gifts for customers are considered from the following aspects :(1) In the initial contact stage, we can consider some practical daily necessities and office supplies, understand customers' hobbies and personalities, and do what they want. It is easier for customers to accept and can slowly establish a good relationship. Such as handmade scarves, small cosmetic bags, briefcases and other office supplies. Give the customer a good feeling, but because the gift is not particularly valuable, so the customer will not have too much psychological pressure. (2) In the stage of relationship warming, some gifts rich in cultural atmosphere can be given. For example, business backpacks and leisure sports backpacks customized by enterprises can be often used in life, and printed with corporate brands and corporate culture characteristics, which can make customers more impressed with us. (3) In the crucial stage, for example, when encountering big projects or cooperation opportunities, you can consider giving some decent gifts, and also pay attention to practicality. Customers of large projects are basically white-collar workers or business travelers. We can choose to customize high-end luggage case according to the needs of customers, which not only can make customers come in handy, but also can take the opportunity to promote our corporate brand logo. In short, the gift to the customer must be practical, it is best to let him see the value every day, if the gift you give to the customer is not used by the customer, it will be in vain, also reflects no meaning. Gifts should also be divided into different occasions and different customers, but in the end it is best to have practical value. In a word, it is the first choice for gifts as much as possible.
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