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Is the bag made of canvas or plastic

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
There are various styles and materials in the daily use of bags. Different styles of design, its function effect is different, choose to use different materials of the bag, the bag performance effect and role is also different. So if you want to customize your bags, do you use canvas or plastic material? The plastic materials used to make luggage include PP, PC, PVC, EVA and so on. These plastic materials have their own different properties and advantages and disadvantages. For example, PC is the lightest material among the commonly used plastic materials, while EVA is relatively heavy, but these plastic materials have strong waterproof, wear resistance and extrusion resistance, but resistance to impact is not as good as fabric bags. Canvas cloth is a thick fabric made of warp and weft yarn with multiple strands. It is compact and thick, feels stiff and firm, and is firm and wear-resistant. The bags made of canvas material, although there is no plastic bag waterproof and moisture-proof, and the safety protection ability is not strong, but the canvas bag texture is better, wear-resistant and strong, moreover, the canvas bag will not burst due to sudden momentum. Then, compared with bags made of plastic materials, bags made of canvas will be stronger and more durable. If you want to customize year-end practical canvas bags for employees in batches, you can choose the Xilong bag manufacturer, which has been engaged in the customization of bags for more than ten years and has rich experience, can make high-quality strong canvas bags for customers.
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