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Is it better to use soft box or hard box for business travel

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Business travel is a common occurrence for many business people, but it seems to be a pursuit for those who have never traveled. In a word, whether we travel or not, we should know what to pay attention to on business, in case you become a business trip White, first of all, from the business trip luggage, is it better to use soft boxes or hard boxes for business trips? Choose a business trip luggage case according to your business trip, divided into short-distance business trips and long-distance business trips. If you are on a short-distance business trip, you can choose a fashionable hard luggage case. The hard luggage case has beautiful appearance, three-dimensional shape and flexible material. Ordinary adults have no problem standing on it and it is convenient to clean; 360-degree universal wheel with no dead angle, high mobility, clear internal storage, reasonable management of item storage. The choice of hard luggage case for short-distance business trips is mainly to make yourself beautiful. Colorful hard luggage case can also give you a good mood on the way. For long-distance business trips, you should live at the business trip for a period of time. It is recommended to choose a soft luggage case. The soft luggage case is strong and wear-resistant, has strong plasticity, has flexible storage space, and can contain more things. According to experience, the soft case can hold more things in the limit state, but the hard case can't, things were stuffed into the hard box to the end, and the feeling of powerlessness that the lid could not close was almost absent. And his firmness and dirt resistance are very suitable for living outside. No matter which luggage case you choose, the quality should be strictly controlled. Choose a good luggage case in addition to the main material, the shape of the box, the choice of the opening (Zipper opening, aluminum alloy opening) The configuration of wheels, pull rods and handles should be carefully selected, especially pull rods. At present, the pull rod is generally built-in, mainly depending on the stability of the internal structure. When purchasing, the pull rod can be shaken left and right, and the shaking distance between the left and right is not more than 2 MM, and it can be easily pulled up and stabilized, it is a good pull rod.
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