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Is it better to choose Oxford or canvas for customized backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
Backpack is one of the essential tools and bags in our daily life. It can not only load the products needed for going out in large capacity, but also be more suitable for us to travel and use more conveniently, comfortably and easily. However, there are many choices of materials for making backpacks, including fabric, leather and so on. So if you want to customize backpacks, should you choose Oxford spinning or canvas? Oxford textile, also known as Oxford cloth, is made of double or square weft texture, which is usually interwoven with polyester, polyester and cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn. The backpack made of Oxford spinning not only has strong waterproof resistance, wear resistance, comfort, hygroscopicity, etc. , but also has no fading, cutting resistance and fabric softness. Canvas is a kind of rough and thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, which can be generally divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas. However, canvas is generally made of plain weave, and a small amount of canvas is made of twill, but the warp yarn is made of multiple strands. Therefore, the backpack made of canvas has the characteristics of firm texture, wear resistance, tightness and thickness. Custom-made backpacks choose Oxford or canvas, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Between Oxford cloth and canvas, Oxford cloth may have a higher advantage in waterproof performance, while canvas has the upper hand in wear resistance. Then customize the backpack, whether it is to choose Oxford or canvas, the final decision is still the choice of the manufacturer. Choose manufacturers, preferred Xilong bags, strength manufacturers, trustworthy!
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