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Introduction of luggage lining

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Luggage lining, as the name implies, is the cloth inside the luggage, usually the most common is PVC calendered artificial leather. Specifications are 600*300 600*600, etc. This fabric is coated with a layer of PVC film on gray cloth, which is relatively low in cost and suitable for ordinary backpacks and traveling bags, the high-grade ones are foaming leather and PU leather, and the best ones are genuine leather. Generally, nylon lining is used, which is a bit of a grade. The other is Pearl grain lining, the lining is cross woven, this kind of lining is very tough, and there is twill lining, this kind of lining is cotton, relatively soft. Xilong luggage editor reminds everyone that in addition to fabric workmanship, luggage lining is the most important place to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a bag and is the place that can best reflect the quality of a bag, therefore, everyone must carefully select the lining when purchasing bags and bags. This article comes from the official website of Xilong luggage http://www . szazy. COM
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