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instagram just added an ecommerce feature to stories

by:Xilong      2019-08-31
Instagram allows users to buy what they see on the story without having to leave the app.
The photo and video sharing platform recently announced that stickers with shopping custom backpacks icons will enter the Instagram story.
Clicking on the shopping tab that caught your attention in the story will reveal more details about the product.
Instagram began testing the feature in 2016 and provided it to about 20 selected retail partners.
It quickly turned out to be a hot topic and expanded from that to include regular brand posts in the feed.
Now, this feature will all be available and retailers such as Adidas, Aritzia, Louis Vuitton and Kooples will use it to Mark and link directly to their products.
While retailers who can use this feature are still limited, it is expected to be open to regular users in the future.
Instagram highlighted in a press release that this is an inspiration-filled place and a place for action, which is why the company has added shopping to the story.
The company also pointed out that there are 0. 3 billion people on Instagram Stories every day, most of them in appearance --
Launch new products from their favorite brands.
The new shopping features of the platform have great potential in selling products, especially the vision of Instagram report is to have your own longer --
Video series of length.
This means that in the future, users may watch the Instagram show, see celebrities using a certain product, and then click on the link to make a purchase.
Currently, the new story shopping feature is only available for businesses.
These companies only sell their own products, so third
Party sellers can\'t find business here.
The feature is also not allowed for viewers.
This means that the people who see the posts with the shopping tag are those who are already following the retailer.
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