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Inspection standard for custom backpacks

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
In the period of increasingly flaunting personality, the style of the backpack also emerges one after another: simple, retro, cartoon and other styles also cater to the needs of fashion people from different sides. Nowadays, backpacks, which have become one of the fashion trends, naturally cannot be separated from the marketing sight of enterprises. Many enterprises will customize backpacks for promotional activities, employee gifts and business gifts, and print corporate brand logos, taking the opportunity to promote the brand image of the enterprise, and on behalf of the company, it has also begun to have very strict standards for quality. How can a good backpack be tested? Xilong luggage manufacturers tell you the inspection standards for customized backpacks. 1. Backpack main material. The main materials of backpacks are commonly made of leather, PU, nylon and canvas. Their material standards are different, but the appearance and texture requirements are the same, all of which require correct shape and stable standing, no uneven, skew phenomenon. Leather fabrics shall not have obvious disability, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabrics shall not have obvious bumps and lumps, printing channels, and the main parts of textile fabrics shall not have defects such as broken warp, broken weft, jump yarn, etc. 2. Backpack ingredients. Backpack ingredients are divided into lining and webbing. The international inspection standard for backpacks is to require the lining and webbing to be rubbed 60 times with white cotton cloth without fading, Desizing or bleaching, the appearance of the lining is no yarn, no yarn, no yarn, no jump yarn, no hook yarn, no roving, no color difference, no belly yarn, no stain, no hole, no broken warp, no crease, no wrinkle phenomenon. 3. Backpack accessories. Backpack accessories are divided into zipper and hardware. The international standard for backpacks requires zippers to be rubbed 100 times with white cotton cloth without fading or bleaching. Durability: 100 trials, no teeth, no teeth, no damage, cloth requirements with the inspection requirements of cloth and webbing, the tooth chain requires no dislocation, tooth loss, bright and rust-free, no leakage plating, tight buckle and no shaking. Hardware cracks, scratches are not allowed, the front touch does not hurt the hand, the surface is rusty, there are spots, stains, etc. are not allowed. 4. Corporate logo brand. Logo is the image of an enterprise, and checking logo is the most important point in the bag. Logo technology includes pressing words, embossing, offset printing, embroidery and silk screen printing. For the detection of backpack logo, it is required that the pressing words and patterns should be clear, vague, the adhesion of fonts should not be accepted, and the wrong fonts should be pressed (English) Or the wrong position is not accepted, and the embossing depth is different, and the color fading and wrong color are not acceptable. 5. Backpack storage design. Backpack storage is divided into main bag storage and slide bag storage. Backpack storage design determines our storage capacity and storage security. Leakage lines, jumpers and disconnection inside the backpack are not accepted; The car line is not straight, and the corner line is not smooth and not acceptable; The computer layer inside is not protected by PE cotton/Pearl cotton/Pearl shock-proof ball, which is judged by international standards to be unqualified computer backpacks; The leakage line at the opening of the backpack pocket, the car is not in place, the car is in the wrong position, and the perforation of the pocket is not accepted. The above is the 5-point backpack inspection standard compiled by Xilong luggage manufacturers. I believe you have a certain direction in backpack verification. Xilong luggage is a custom bag manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production, processing and sales. It has provided luggage and gift customization services for more than 3000 enterprises for more than ten years, including Baidu, Alibaba, TCL and Ke Hui Medical, is your trusted luggage manufacturers.
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