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In a McLean condo, thousands of bags tell the history of America

by:Xilong      2019-08-12
Think about this humble bag, which is used to hold other things.
But is it really that low?
After all, we start our life in one bag and leave in another.
Bao Museum is located in Va McLean.
, There is no sheep water SAC in its collection, but it does have a body bag.
It\'s almost all the other types of bags we might encounter between these two extremes: Your mom put a simple paper bag of sandwiches, Tiffany\'s sales staff handed you the unique blue bag of your fiancee engagement ring, the long plastic bag on the Washington Post was thrown in your driveway.
\"We have collected about 7,000 catalogued bags, and two or 3,000 bags that we have not yet catalogued,\" said Howard Forman.
Founder of private museum
We are two. bedroom, 1,500-square-
The apartment Howard bought a few years ago thought his son might want to move in after graduating from college. (
What is the house but a huge, stiff bag for us? )
His son has other ideas, which is good because the bag Museum has surpassed Howard\'s house, which is a handy 15-
Minutes drive.
Howard\'s late wife, Lee Forman, began collecting luggage 40 years ago.
She is a graphic designer and is fascinated by the shopping bags in Bloomingdale
Not the current department store.
Signature \"small/medium/large brown bag\" package, but bright in color and limited in quantityedition bags.
\"They are all done by so-called famous designers,\" said Howard, 65 . \".
\"If you can figure out who they are.
The bag Museum has 152 of what Howard calls \"items in Bloomingdale\", including bags in Bloomingdale and small toys that look like a Bloomingdale bag.
\"Not everything is a bag,\" Howard said . \".
Wooden shelves covered with bags-shaped salt-and-
Pepper can, bag-
Shaped Teapot, looks like paper custom backpacks but ceramic lamp, clothes sewn with bag
Patterned fabric
Howard opened a file box full of bags and took out a non-
: score of World War I
Era ditty \"pack your troubles in your old kit and smile. ” (Emphasis added. )
In February 2007, Lee and Howard co-founded a virtual museum. museumofbags. org .
\"At the end of the month, we found out she had cancer,\" Howard said . \".
Two years later, Li died. her dream was a brick. and-
The mortar Museum of the custom backpacks was not realized.
Howard retired early after selling his home wholesale liquor business, and now he spends most of his free time making sure the collection is sorted out.
Elaine Weinstein is a friend he met through the widow and widow support group and he did something
Time catalog.
Howard just hired one.
So is the time cataloger.
Every curator faces the challenge of how do you describe something?
\"It took me an hour to describe that,\" Elaine said . \" She nodded to a colorful handbag with the image of the first lady on it.
Directory Description of item 2012.
002 opening: \"coated plastic bags in pink and blue, patriotic red, white and blue, with Michelle Obama wearing a red dress and a white pearl necklace and earrings, the red high heels in the center of the bag swing on the swing with a gold rope.
\"It continues in a 700-word way.
I asked Howard if anyone had more bags than him.
\"As far as I know, this is not the case,\" he said . \"
\"I know Cooper-Hewitt [
National Museum of Design, New York
They sometimes show some collection of bags.
I know there are a lot of bags in the Newark Library.
There is a museum of bags and wallets in the Netherlands, but mainly wallets.
Howard welcomes visitors occasionally. filled condo.
He has two children who have grown up and they are not interested in visiting the Museum of Bags.
His hope is that once the catalogue is completed, the collection will be appreciated even if it means breaking up.
Perhaps the Smithsonian Institution will be interested in political bags. (
Since 1948, Howard has had at least one package in every presidential campaign. )
Some bags can go to the art museum. (
He with a bag of Andy Warhol, and Roy in leach line of creation of art this is 1964 a called \"American supermarket\" of exhibition of part. ”)
Students in the retail history of Washington may be interested in shopping bags from stores that are no longer there: Garfinckel, Woodies, Hecht, Camalier & Buckley.
The bag Museum also has bags of people\'s drugs (
But not Dart).
Howard has a celebrity bag: a record store bag signed by four Beatles, a cheese burger signed by Elvis Presley, a crumpled brown paper bag that looks relatively mundane, until you know it was sitting together by 21 celebrities on Conan O\'Brien\'s show (
Including Peter Falk, Rosanne Barr, and Tina Faye)
It was auctioned for $5,350.
Whether it\'s rich or poor, whether it\'s celebrities or anonymous, whether it\'s paper or plastic, everyone needs a bag. g.
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