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Important mountaineering bag fabric knowledge selection

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
The mountaineering bag is the kit in the backpack. The mountaineering bag is always used in our wild or outdoor environment, which is related to the safety of our outings. Therefore, the production of it should be very rigorous, when choosing him, we should also pay attention to it, especially the fabric of the mountaineering bag, which is the most basic point. Next, I 'd like to share with you the knowledge of mountaineering bag fabric. The fabric selection of the mountaineering bag starts with the function of the fabric itself. In general, most of the fabrics we commonly use are rhombus-shaped nylon, jacquard nylon and square-shaped nylon. Now we can find that all the fabrics are nylon, so we choose mountaineering bags to look for nylon, which is also known as nylon. If you see polyester material, you can also use it, but 420D polyester and 420D nylon (Nylon)It is of different grades, this should be understood. The second point is that the names of nylon materials mentioned above are all different from the lines of appearance, and what is really useful is the density of nylon materials (D) , The greater the density, the better, but not less than 400D, otherwise it is easy to tear when encountering rock wear outdoors. The average mountaineering bag is 400- 600D, it is best to ask clearly if it is not clearly indicated when buying. The third is some processing after the fabric itself, which is our common waterproof effect. Nylon material actually has no waterproof effect, but is derived in the later stage, such as waterproof Plaid material, nylon water-proof Plaid jacquard material, etc. Adding waterproof effect under its strong anti-wear ability is the most basic match in outdoor activities. In addition to the waterproof effect, the anti-fouling effect is more important after the outdoor is over. When you get home from fatigue, you can easily remove the dust from the mountaineering bag by picking up a wet cloth and wiping it gently, happy and not tired after such a trip. The appearance of a beautiful mountaineering bag must also have a cow-like inner nature to make outdoor activities get twice the result with half the effort. These points are very easy to remember and are also the key details. Good mountaineering bags can only be used for a long time without wasting purchase costs and unnecessary accidents.
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