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if you thought paying 5p for a plastic shopping bag was bad, asos is selling one for £15

by:Xilong      2019-10-07
When the supermarket starts charging 5 p for a plastic bag, it takes a little time to get used to it-so imagine our suspicions when we find it\'s okay, so it\'s not like special, but it\'s plastic. through.
The promotional slogan clear tote bag is said to be \"Upgrade Your Gear\", although we are not sure what it does in addition to making it look like you \'ve just been to the store.
Designed by the fashion brand Hype, this bag has no lining and has a double handle and brand design.
It obviously also has an internal compartment-but given that everything will be on display, it may not be the best bag to carry something important.
ASOS also kindly added instructions on how to look after the bag-including wiping the custom backpacks with a dry cloth. Easy.
As mentioned earlier, the transparent custom backpacks costs £ 15.
Yes, a bag that won\'t even hide valuables costs £ 15.
In other terrible fashion news, metal tights are so high --
Customers say they can \"feel the wedding\" just by looking at the photos \".
Fashion star shared a picture of the product on Instagram showing it extending all the way to the ribs of the model.
And, people always say it looks uncomfortable.
\"I can feel the wedding by phone,\" said one person . \".
The other person said, \"look at Jane Fonda . . . . . . The pass Isa gave me.
Another added: \"Others wrote: \'yeast infection \'. Ouch.
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