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How to wash white canvas bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Canvas bags are very popular, white canvas is more, each canvas bag always has a white place, White dirty is also very annoying, so let's see how to wash the white canvas bag? First, cotton canvas bags are relatively thick and fade easily during washing. Remember not to use washing products containing bleaching or fluorescence. Second, white canvas bags should not be brushed with brushes, if you get the color, you can directly soak it with the detergent. Third, please soak and wash in cold water, do not expose to the sun, it is recommended to dry in the fourth, if the white canvas bag is oily, it can be washed directly with detergent. If you get the paint, you can directly soak it with bleach and rinse it with clear water. Fifth, when washing for the first time, you can add some salt or white vinegar to the clear water, and then immerse the bag for about 30 minutes to prevent fading. Sixth, remember to wash the white canvas bag, otherwise, the bag will turn yellow. If it turns yellow, it will be rewashed. First, soak it in white vinegar for about ten minutes, wash it with washing products and then rinse it with clear water.
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