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How to use outdoor backpacks correctly?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Backpacks are becoming more and more important in outdoor travel, hiking, camping and mountaineering. It has also become an indispensable equipment for going out. It can help us carry a lot of things, and professional backpacks are not particularly tired. 1. When packing and packing luggage, if there are more or all heavy objects, they can be placed evenly. The chest strap should be fastened and tightened behind the shoulder on the back, so that there is no sense of falling back when carrying the backpack. When moving, both hands pull the adjustment belt between the shoulder strap and the backpack. 2. When passing through a dangerous place, you should relax the shoulder straps of the backpack and open the belt and chest strap so that in case of danger, you can separate the bags as soon as possible to ensure that you can escape from danger lightly. 3. Don't hit the backpack, especially the backpack that is very solid. After the backpack is full, the tension of the stitching is already quite tight. At this time, if you unload the backpack very rudely, or accidentally fall, it is easy to break the suture or damage the buckle. The equipment with hard ironware does not need to stick the backpack cloth, tableware, pot set and other hard materials, which is easy to wear the backpack cloth. 4. In the process of action, be careful with the webbing accessories. Sometimes, when you get on the bus, you will pull the backpack. Therefore, when you get on the bus, you should pay attention to whether the waist buckle is buckled. Some backpack buckles are soft, the lower half of the backpack can be buckled in reverse. The belt of some backpacks is supported by a hard plastic plate. It cannot be discounted. It is easy to crack. It is best to cover the backpack with a backpack cover to avoid the webbing and other backpacks, damage the backpack during the pulling process. 5. When going out, you can bring a very thin piece of plastic paper. When hiking or climbing, you often have a rest. If you rest outdoors, your backpack will be easily soiled on the ground or grass, it is even difficult to clean some unknown things on the backpack. Plastic paper can prevent the backpack from sticking dirty things.
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