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how to survive a surprise winter storm

by:Xilong      2019-09-15
The whistling wind blew the sleet and snow through the landscape, and suddenly turned the leisurely winter excursion into a winter survival.
There was no warning in the weather forecast about the storm this afternoon.
The temperature drops, you can feel the wind
Try to penetrate the cold of your clothes.
You worry for granted, but when you are forced to survive an unexpected winter storm, you are prepared to deal with the punishment nature has imposed on you.
Description difficulty: moderately challenge storm and survival emergency kits purchased from outdoor supplies or leisure stores.
Compact size, basic emergency gear packed into stormProof container.
One way to pack supplies into storms-
Two smart phone-sized metal cans.
Another style fits everything. mouth 1-
One liter water bottle
Most cost less than $20.
Watch the changing weather patterns.
Learn about storm clouds, how to hear the serenity before the storm and smell the rain or snow.
Activate the first pair of chemical hand warmers and place them in the coat pocket. Stay dry.
Wear a waterproof jacket before the underwear is wet.
Cut a slot at the bottom of the plastic shopping bag and pull it onto your hiking boots and socks.
Secure the boots and trouser legs with rubber bands to form a pair of leggings. Cut a head-
At the bottom of one of the leaf bags there is a slot of size that pulls it to your head as a poncho.
The arm slot can also be cut, but the bag is usually large enough to keep the sleeves dry and allow the arms to move even with a mountaineering staff.
Find or build shelter
Find rock stands, caves, trees, or dense bushes and escape the storm.
Use the second leaf bag as the \"bottom\", pull it onto the boots and trousers, and plug the top opening under the leaf bag poncho.
When you put your head into the poncho and create a hood, the two bags turn into tents. Make a fire.
Find dry wood and Tinder under wet surfaces and use a fire extinguisher and storm-
Prove the match in order to make a small fire.
Heat the water in a metal cup or lifebag and drink gold or warm water.
Keep the candle away from the wind and use it to heat the water.
Tips and warnings written by Eric Jay tollieric Jay Toll have been writing since 1970, influenced by his positive lifestyle.
As an outdoor activist, businessman, planner and travel writer, Toll\'s work appears on the Navajo Nation\'s travel guide, time and planning magazines, and various websites.
He studied radio marketing and management at Southern Illinois University.
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