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How to set the password of luggage case Customs lock?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
Luggage case is a kind of goods shipping tool that people like to use most in long-distance travel. It is mainly characterized by large capacity, convenience, and more relaxed and comfortable travel. In the process of using the trolley case, the initial password generally needs to be modified, mainly to increase the safety of the item. So how to set the password of luggage case Customs lock? Nowadays, in order to increase the safety of luggage case loading items, people generally choose to use the international TSA Customs lock, because the TSA Customs lock can be locked through security check when passing through the customs, in this way, the risk of stolen or damaged items due to the unlocked luggage case can be avoided, so the TSA Customs lock is used to make travel more secure and secure. Generally, before the TSA Customs lock is set, the initial password is 000, so the modified TSA Customs lock is more secure. When modifying the setting of the Customs lock, you need to use the initial password to unlock the lock, then rotate the above part of the lock counterclockwise for 90 degrees and press it down, keep it tight, set the password number and let it go. How to set the password of the trolley case Customs lock is actually the same as the method of setting the ordinary trolley case password lock, but the TSA Customs lock is safer than the lock used by the ordinary trolley case lock. So if you want to customize TSA Customs lock luggage case, you can choose Xilong luggage. Xilong luggage has been established for more than ten years and has rich experience. You can make luggage case according to customer requirements.
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