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How to scratch hard case luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Hard-shell luggage case he is naturally beautiful, and his various postures are one of his flares of becoming a fashionable luggage. Young people all like hard-shell luggage case very much, and the only thing they don't love is his delicacy, because his lack of wear resistance always makes him'Black and Blue' , Also makes people distressed how to help him'Plastic Surgery', How to scratch the hard case luggage case? The first method is to solve the problem fundamentally. We use the right amount of facial tissue and the wind Oil Essence, and use the facial tissue to take the right amount of the wind oil essence to wipe the scratch of the hard shell luggage case. The method is simple and effective, but the adaptation is'Small wound'Scratches on the hard shell luggage case. The second method is to solve it in disguised form. 'Big wound' Surgery is required, but hard case luggage case is not good, that is, it is not beautiful. In fact, we can buy beautiful, cute stickers on the scratches, and decorate the hard case luggage case. It is also a kind of creativity to change the style, which can block the scratches and play a decorative role. Protection measures for hard case luggage case: 1. 'Put it on'Trolley case sleeve--Dust cover for luggage case. This is a must for consignment, and it is also the clothes of the box. It can be dustproof if you put it on when you are not using it. 2. Do not tear the luggage case film. We all want to unpack the things we bought, so we always think that the luggage case Film is wrapping paper. In fact, it is the protection used by the manufacturer to prevent the luggage case from leaving scratches, so try not to tear off the luggage case film.
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