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how to repurpose wool jackets

by:Xilong      2019-08-14
Redesigned wool jackets usually serve their lives in either of the two ways.
The first way is loved by the owner, worn out continuously and repaired continuously.
Due to the heavy nature of the wool fabric and the appearance of layered clothing, the second way is thrown away or donated, taking precedence over the heavy jacket.
The second way does leave a lot of wool jackets on the side of the road, occupying the space of closets, donation centers and landfill sites.
For those of you who have to deal with unwanted wool jackets, there is an option, in addition to the previous way, to re-utilize.
The redesigned wool jacket gives the fabric a new life in a green and ingenious way.
To re-use and unwanted wool jackets, all one has to do is change their purpose by turning them into something else.
The way this is done is limited only by imagination and the resources at hand.
Here we will discuss some ways to get you started with re-using these wool jackets.
Create a variety of items from the redesigned wool jacket. There are many ways to redesign old wool jackets.
One way to be very popular in the green community is to turn them into a variety of bags.
Handbags, shopping bags and smaller clutch wallets made of wool jackets are durable and easy to assemble.
If it\'s convenient for you to use a sewing machine, then it\'s just a matter of pattern, cutting and sewing.
On the left is an example of a designer redesigned wool jacket that was turned into a handbag.
This handbag was made by Helen belomo, who carried a wide variety of redesigned and updated wallet designs through her store Helen\'s handbag.
You can learn to make a wallet yourself by following Cyndee krommingga\'s tutorial on making a medium size wallet from a wool suit jacket: how to make a wallet from an old suit.
Other ways people re-use the wool jacket, some of which can be done without buying the pattern as follows: Green crafter Betz White makes many items by redesigning the wool jacket and sweater.
The picture on the left shows her handmade pillows made with old wool clothing.
The first pillow is made of wool sweater and cashmere cloth, and the second pillow is made of non-
Felt wool sweater with wool suit backing, the third is also from felt wool sweater with denim jacket backing.
You can use any amount of fabric when you make it yourself, but if you redesign your wool this way, you end up with a solid pillow, even with pets, it can also meet multiple uses of the home.
* Images by and provided©2010 Betz White Productions, LLC.
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