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How to remove the odor of luggage after buying luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
There are three situations in which bags produce odor, the first is the taste of animal dermis, and the second is the smell on the residue during dyeing in the leather processing process of bags, the third is that the glue of luggage uses inferior products. The problem of animal leather and luggage leather processing is not very harmful to the human body, and if you encounter the third one, please choose carefully. Most of the reasons why bags are smelly with glue are that they use low-priced glue containing phenolic resin. Phenolic resin is the foam of phenol and cresol. Nearly 20% of the raw materials in phenolic resin are Cresol, cresol is toxic to the human body. In foreign countries, it is not allowed to have articles containing phenolic compounds, let alone the existence of domestic phenolic plants. How can the bought bags stink? Now Xilong Xiaobian tells you how to remove the smell? If it is a leather problem, you can wash and dry the freshly peeled orange peel, put it in each inner bag of the bag, and then close the bag for a while. Tea bags and tea leaves can also be used. Tea leaves are adsorptive. Tea bags are wrapped in napkins and stuffed into bags. Then put it in the sun and the smell will volatilize. If it is a glue problem, open the bag to the balcony to dry, so that it is volatilized, the taste will decay after a few days. If there is still taste, you can buy bagged activated carbon particles. Put it in the bag and carry it with the bag. Bags generally meet the smell of glue, it is best not to use perfume and other fragrance to cover up, to prevent the mixture of several chemicals. Units are afraid to buy inferior products, bulk purchase is better than mass customization. Let employees use the rest assured, their own flowers of relief. Choose Xilong luggage customization, customize the brand logo of the company's exclusive logo, and promote the brand image of the company and enhance the exposure rate of the company's brand.
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