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how to recycle plastic bags the right way

by:Xilong      2019-09-07
Guess what?
Plastic shopping bags are recyclable.
But if you think you can throw them in with bottles, cans or cartons in the recycle bin, we have some bad news.
Bags require special sorting and processing machines, not available in every recycling plant.
In most parts of the country, people should not mix plastic bags with other recyclable items.
However, people do, and the scale is large, which creates serious technical problems in general recycling facilities.
The bag can \"break the recycling equipment used to classify materials by clogging the gears of the conveyor belt,\" said Mark Carpenter, assistant vice president of communications, scrap recycling industry research institute, A non-profit trade association that provides recycling training and education.
Americans use 14 billion bags a year.
John Hambrose said that although it is not clear how much is mixed with roadside recycling, it is not uncommon for general recycling operations to be closed several times a day due to the disaster caused by bags, and the waste management company communications manager
One of the largest sanitation companies in the United States. S.
The employees of the recycling plant must take out the tangled bags by hand and put them in a pile and send them to the landfill.
What is confusing is that plastic milk pots and plastic bags are made of the same material.
\"It looks stupid, but it\'s actually a problem that a machine is not suitable for handling plastic bags,\" said Margaret sobkovich . \"
Kline is an assistant professor of plastic engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
First, look up the rules for roadside collections in your area, says Carpenter.
If you live in one of the few places where plastic bags and all other recyclable items are accepted, you can ignore the article.
You can also take your collection to a large grocery store and retailer.
Most people will have a container for handling old plastic bags.
To make this process most effective, it is important that your bag is dry and empty
So make sure you check the remaining paper receipts.
From here, the bag is transported to the special bag
Recycling Sobkowicz-Kline said.
Here, the bag is melted into particles for the purpose of making something new.
However, the color of the bag sometimes affects its recyclability.
Automatic sorting machine for color packaging bags, Sobkowicz-Kline said.
These colors confuse the sensor and often have to be manualsorted out.
The garbage dump was finally buried.
Some companies turn plastic bags into new products.
For example, Trex uses these items to make composite wood for the home deck.
It accepts clean and dry grocery bags, bread bags, outer packaging of boxes (
Like the one with a box of water bottles)
Dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags and wood pellets bags. (
Here is a list of Trex drop-
Locations throughout the country;
Most of them are grocery chains. )
The company has held an annual competition for schools designed to recycle the most plastic films.
If you don\'t recycle the plastic bags correctly, it\'s better to throw them in the garbage instead of in the wrong recycle bin, Hambrose said.
Even better, before throwing the bag, tie the bag to the knot and put the garbage in it: hambrose says that doing so can at least prevent the bag from being blown away and finally hang on the tree and the fence.
When plastic bags escape the collection network, they destroy and clog the drainage system, cause flooding and add toxins to the water source.
They pose a great risk to animals, especially those who treat bags as food.
According to National Geographic, almost every seabirds on Earth eat plastic, a habit that is thought to be harmful to the health of animals and sometimes fatal.
Even if you are a conscious consumer, shopping at grocery stores with reusable handbags, sometimes the use of plastic bags is inevitable.
It is essential that once you run out of these bags, where will they end.
The story is part of a series of stories funded by SC Johnson about plastic waste.
All content is independent in editing, without the influence and input of the company.
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