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How to quickly remove the smell of the new bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
Every month, many customers' large goods leave the factory and get some feedback one after another. The problem that many customers feedback is basically the problem of the taste of the bag, and the customer service is also very patient to answer for each customer. Because it is a newly made bag, it is inevitable that some flavors have not been removed. How can we quickly remove the flavor of the new bag? 1. Soak a soft towel in the water, then take it out and wring it dry. Wipe the inside and outside of the bag and put it in a ventilated place. Note that if it is a leather bag, you can bask in the sun a little in summer. If you want to change it to winter, you should remember not to bask in the sun, because the leather bag will be affected by cold air in the winter sun, the leather is prone to chemical reactions and the leather bag is easy to crisp. 2. If you like oranges and grapefruit, leave the skin. There are many honeycomb holes on the orange peel, which is a good adsorbent. We only need to wash the remaining orange peel we eat and dry it first, then divide it into pieces and put it in the bag, then close the bag and open the bag after a while. You will find that the smell of the new bag is not only removed, but also makes our new bag fragrant. 3. Fold up the toilet paper at home and put it in the new bag, and the toilet paper will suck out the smell of the new bag when the time is cut off. Similarly, if you put your bag in a container larger than him and put toilet paper inside and outside respectively, it will be tasteless from inside to outside.
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