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How to quickly choose the best year-end welfare products?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
At the end of the year, all major enterprises are busy purchasing gifts at the end of the year, but because of the time problem and the variety of gifts, many enterprises are difficult to purchase their favorite gifts in a short time. In response to this problem, Xilong specially launched the backpack year-end welfare spot style, which can effectively solve the choice of corporate conference gifts, employee welfare products, and gifts for customers. Business backpack has fashionable style, strong and durable functionality, and for enterprises, choosing luggage welfare products is both practical and grade-free; The backpack is attached with the brand logo of the enterprise, which not only improves the grade of enterprise gifts, but also achieves the humanistic care and publicity image of the enterprise; Therefore, whether it is used for meetings, giving employees and customers is the best welfare choice. This style of business backpack can be taken as needed and can be marked with the LOGO specified by the guests. The main material is made of high-density twill nylon and Apollo lining, which is soft to the touch. Fine workmanship. The shape design is simple and generous, the top of the bag is equipped with elegant fog silver aluminum handle, Pearl LOGO hardware, the main bag is designed in volume depth, with velvet slide bag and velvet computer bag inside, and the front bag is equipped with multifunctional bag, PEN/mobile phone/wallet and other items can be placed. The whole bag is designed with strong shock-proof and high-elastic PE cotton, making the bag safer and more secure in use.
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