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How to quickly choose the best gift plan for May Day?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
The May Day of 2015 has come, and the May Day promotion war is about to begin. Promotional gifts are even more indispensable. This most direct weapon also makes enterprises seize the opportunity one after another, at the beginning of this year, you will start planning promotional activities and select the best promotional gifts. How do you choose the most suitable promotional gifts that night? Luggage personalized custom gift industry has always been one of the best choices for corporate gifts, for the following four main points: 1. Luggage styles are diverse, divided into luggage case, backpack, Satchel, Kit, etc. , which can meet the needs of different industries. Different styles of luggage, from business to leisure, from fashion to classic, can meet the culture of different enterprises, choose the style of luggage that conforms to the enterprise 3. The material of the luggage is also medium and low, which can be used for simple promotional gifts, fashionable and noble business activities, and the favorite multi-functional practical classic of employees. 4. Luggage gift customization can be customized according to the different needs of the enterprise, personality customization, and attach the brand logo of the enterprise to promote the image of the enterprise. With so many choices, how can enterprises not love the luggage and gift customization industry? Traditional luggage gift customization service is required 15- About 20 days of design, research and development and production of three processes, but now Xilong luggage gift customization manufacturers launched'Custom bags in stock' The service allows enterprises to select from the existing spot and add the brand logo of the enterprise without changing the appearance of the spot, thus achieving the role of promoting the brand image of the enterprise, can meet the enterprise promotional gifts to choose the effect of good quality and low price experience, quickly solve the enterprise promotional gifts supply time. Have you slowed down? Then contact Xilong customer service quickly!
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