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How to purchase custom luggage gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Notice of customized gifts for enterprises. If the company wants to make gifts, it must pay attention to the following points: only when the gifts have their own characteristics can they win eyeballs; Second, look at the value of the gift, the use of high-value products can stick to customers for a long time; Third, it is best to customize some gifts according to the characteristics of its own enterprise. On the one hand, it promotes the enterprise and is also practical. How to purchase custom luggage gifts? First of all, how to choose bags and gifts for enterprises, from the perspective of the gift object. Is it to send the company's own employees or customers? For example, as a welfare gift, you can choose more practical and exquisite bags, such as fashion pockets and makeup wash bags; What kind of customers are sent to customers, that is, to be targeted. To understand the needs and hobbies of this customer, the gifts sent out should be valuable, but not too cheap, because this is linked to the image of your company, and the customer can remember you after the delivery, when I saw this gift, I thought it was from XXX company. You can choose fashion business computer bags, computer briefcases, or pull rod bags for business trips. Don't choose oversize ones. Secondly, information collection of customized luggage enterprises, goods than three. Before the customization is determined, collect all the information of the luggage customization manufacturers, find professional luggage manufacturers, check the qualifications of the manufacturers, business licenses, successful cases of operation, contact information, etc, only in this way can we find the best customized manufacturer. Third, luggage and gift customization needs to grasp the time. Unlike ordinary gifts, personalized custom luggage gifts are not in stock, and it takes longer. Because it takes time for luggage customization manufacturers to collect information, consult, book, design, proofing, customer confirmation and shipment. Therefore, if you want to purchase customized and personalized bags, you must advance 1-Make a reservation plan in 2 months. Fourth, determine the minimum order quantity of luggage products. The number of luggage customization plays a great role in enterprise cost control. The number of custom, the price will have a certain floating adjustment, I think most of the procurement staff are very clear, so before determining the order needs to be confirmed in advance to the gift customization company.
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