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How to print on the custom bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Schoolbag customization is available in every school, and new schoolbags will be introduced at the end of each semester. The customization of schoolbags is to unify students' clothes and promote the brand of the school. Printing on schoolbags is a promotion method that every school will do. How to print on the customization of schoolbags? The following are three common printing methods for schoolbags. 1. Custom paint printing for schoolbags the custom paint printing for schoolbags is the cheapest one. You can directly use paint to write on the schoolbag, either by hand or by machine. This method is simple and convenient, however, there is a heavy smell of paint, and the resistance of minor children is poor, which will have some health effects. 2. Customization of schoolbag silk-screen printing silk-screen printing is a common kind of schoolbag customization. When printing, ink is applied to the schoolbag through the mesh of the graphic part through extrusion. The color can be selected according to the requirements of the school, he is simple in plate making, with low cost and strong adaptability. 3. Bag customization Embroidery printing bag customization Embroidery printing, is a Chinese ancient culture. If you choose Embroidery printing, you will also prefer the ancient style. Embroidery is the design of various decorative patterns for schoolbags on needlework. Its workmanship is exquisite, so the cost will be high.
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