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How to print company logo for custom luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Nowadays, many enterprises will choose practical gifts, and the use of gifts should be the most cost-effective. Luggage case is one of the high-grade luggage gift customization. Generally, enterprises choose to customize luggage case. In addition to the material requirements and style requirements of luggage case gifts, the most important thing is logo printing requirements, how to print the company logo on the custom luggage case? The logo process of custom luggage case should be divided into hard luggage case and soft luggage case. The common materials of hard luggage case are PC, ABS, abs pc and EVA. There are only two kinds of logo technology: Before and after mold opening. You can choose the enterprise marker and Enterprise logo to directly open the mold in the mold opening. The trolley case after the mold opening can only choose the metal logo, and the appearance of the trolley case cannot be changed. There is no good or bad comparison between the two, mainly depending on the individual choice of the enterprise. Ordinary enterprises will choose the luggage case after opening the mold. After all, the cost of opening the luggage case is much higher than about half of the cost after opening the mold. Soft luggage case is made of PU, nylon and natural leather. Custom soft luggage case logo has a variety of choices, which can be voltage logo, computer embroidery logo, offset logo, hardware mold logo, each logo process can present a different style, even a sense of quality. If the enterprise wants to customize simple and elegant luggage case gifts, it can choose offset printing, embroidery, voltage and hardware mold opening, which are the highlights of luggage case. Enterprises only need to clearly express the style requirements, temperament requirements and budget of luggage case, and Xilong luggage manufacturers will provide accurate and diversified luggage case schemes for enterprises to carefully select.
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