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How to pack items for the spring tour of luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Spring outing, also known as outing, is an ancient Han folk culture activity from Ancient Times to the present. Nowadays, the pace of modern life is fast. Such activities can make people relax and enjoy the eyes. Therefore, in order to give employees a good environment, today's enterprises will conduct a spring outing in the first half of March. What should I pay attention to during the spring outing? 1. Spring outing clothes the climate in spring is changeable. The weather is sometimes wet and sometimes dry. Therefore, in the spring outing, you should prepare enough clothes and carry umbrellas/raincoats to prevent rain and colds. If the spring outing is mountaineering, it is best to choose sports shoes. 2. Spring outing activities, spring group travel, some colleagues may have motion sickness and vomiting, and there are some small scars on the skin, so we also need to prepare a medicine box. What are the medicine boxes for Chinese medicine? The following are drug lists and detailed functions: 1. Red syrup/Violet: external application, the role of disinfection, antiseptic, bactericidal effect. The Violet also has a small area burn wiping effect. 2. Bandage: Wound coating, bandaging, hemostatic Effect 3. Carsick medicine: to prevent nausea, dizziness and vomiting caused by carsickness and seasickness. 4. Cold granules: it is easy to get angry and catch cold in spring. Such drugs can clear away heat and wind, detoxify and benefit throat. Generally, chrysanthemum, folium isatidis, isatis root, etc. can be selected. 5. Insect repellent: There are many mosquitoes in spring. Carry them with you to prevent them from getting red, swollen and infected. If this spring outing is 1- Carry a backpack of about 40L for 3 days to store clothes and medicines. Enterprises can also choose to customize a backpack with an exclusive corporate logo for their spring outing, which not only facilitates employees, but also unifies the team, improves their group spirit and promotes the image logo and team spirit of the enterprise.
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