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How to pack a mountaineering backpack correctly and quickly?

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
Mountaineering backpack is the most important luggage for outdoor activities such as mountaineering. It has unique functionality. Due to the special nature of outdoor activities, there are also technical requirements for luggage placement using mountaineering backpacks. The following three points teach you to pack your mountaineering backpack correctly and quickly. 1. The items are classified according to the weight, the light ones are below, the heavy ones are in the middle, and the commonly used personal items, such as chargers, are placed at the top. 2. Items can be placed according to compression. Sleeping bags and small backpacks generally have special sleeping bags in the bottom of the backpack. Just compress them and put them directly. 3. Items are placed according to the frequency of use, so up are some pots, stoves, gas tanks and so on! Toiletries and snacks can be placed on both sides of the mountaineering bag ( General Mountaineering has a side pocket, if not, it can be placed in the top bag or the main cabin) , Chargers and other items can be placed on the top bag. In addition, with regard to tents and moisture-proof mats, if you go hiking, you can choose to hang on the outside of the backpack. If you are climbing mountains and crossing, the tent and moisture-proof mat should be stored inside the backpack, and the backpack should be covered with a rain cover to prevent accidents caused by the forest branches hanging on the outside of the backpack, also remember that when choosing the material of the backpack, the wear-resistant nylon material with higher density can better prolong the service life of the backpack. The adjustment method of mountaineering backpack is that the shoulder strap of the backpack must be adjusted to the height suitable for its own position to be comfortable. The weight of the whole backpack can be broken down to the buttocks! At the same time, the Belt and chest strap should be fastened during walking, so that people can be integrated, so that it will not happen. 'People pack two roads'The situation.
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